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The Best Hair Transplant : FUE

Hair loss often occurs in men in their early 30s called male pattern baldness, some of them even experience it even earlier. Women can also experience hair loss called women pattern baldness. There is a various treatment of hair loss available in the market including medication, supplements, vitamin, shampoo, solutions, and so forth. However, it’s pretty clear that hair transplant is the leader of this race. Hair transplant has been developed and favorites these days due to obvious results on both stopping the hair loss and promoting the new hair growth. Today, the best hair transplant is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure in our hospital.

FUE is the best hair transplant due to the effective method and procedure. The surgeon will harvest healthy follicles from the donor area which are usually the back or side of your head scalp where hair follicles possess high resistant to the baldness for your entire life. The surgeon will manually extract hair follicle unit individually using special micro punches and transplant them to the recipient area where the baldness occurs. At this point, the way the surgeon handling the follicular unit, storing them, and replanting them, determine the quality of hair transplantation. The dead hair follicles which are replanted to your scalp won’t grow new hairs, it can potentially cause pimples or infection instead.

Before the FUE procedure began, the doctors will do some examination to determine the condition of your head scalp and how many grafts needed to transplant. The procedure will involve local anesthesia and take 4-6 hours to finish. After the surgical procedure has done you’ll require taking medication and some other treatments. The doctors will provide you the scientific Follicle Holding Solution which contains HypoThermosol and ATP which can maintain the liveliness of most hair follicles for about 4 hours longer compared to other solutions and can healthy yet thick hair growth.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

FUE hair transplant will show initial progress in the first 3-4 months where the new hairs start growing. The new hair will continue growing until a year after you took the procedure. The optimum result of FUE hair transplant can be seen in 1-2 years where you gain your normal and natural hair appearance. FUE will require you to shave your entire hair. The FUE hair transplant is actually less painful, effective, and rapid recovery hair transplant procedure. FUE hair transplant is approved and recommended by various authorities.

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