Fue Hair Transplant

Hair transplant with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method has several advantages over the former hair transplant methods however it is essential that it is applied by an experienced hair transplant surgeon.Contrary to common belief, the only difference between the former surgical method and FUE method is not the manner of extraction of hair; there are also some other important differences and those small details would considerably affect the results achieved.


For all methods of hair transplant the extraction of hair follicle is the primary and most important step during which hair follicles should be extracted without damaging, breaking or rupturing them. And hair follicles should be removed without disintegrating sebaceous or sweat glands jointly used by all hair follicles on a graft. And it necessitates that the procedure is implemented by a hair transplant surgeon who knows human anatomy very well. That is to say removal of hair follicles with FUE method is not a simple procedure that could be applied by a technician contrary to common belief. If those grafts are broken or disintegrated when removed, the prospects for their survival would be 52-65 percent. If, however, they are intact when removed it would be 87-92 percent.


Another detail is the environment and period of time which these grafts remain outside the body. In the former method the survival of grafts would not be much of a problem because the procedure used to take 4-5 hours on average. But the procedure would take 7-8 hours when FUE method is applied since a considerable amount of hair follicles are transplanted. So because hair follicles remain outside the body for such a long time the cells would certainly die reducing the success rate.

Grafts should be kept in special, refrigerated organ transplant liquids during FUE procedure so that every single cell survives outside the body for 24 hours.


Your scalp area without hair is a canvas for us where we can create our new work of art just like Picasso or Goya. It requires years of experience to make the best of this area, and prepare and process it.

Another important step that would affect the achievement of the procedure and the natural state of the outcome is to open those hair ducts to be newly placed and the thickness and angle of them. Please make sure the person who will implement the procedure is an experienced hair transplant surgeon, if otherwise you will inevitably be frustrated.


Please approach with caution to several advertisements you see on the internet claiming to achieve a high volume of hair transplant at a very low cost. You will come across with technicians who claim to be a doctor but are not, or doctors who promise to implement the procedure themselves but are not involved in any step of the procedure. Unfortunately you will encounter those people more often than you encounter hair transplant surgeons. Think twice and do research before you believe some fancy, colourful images with lots of photoshop on them or before you make sure about which doctor to implement the procedure or whether s/he is a licensed hair transplant surgeon. And remember hair transplant is a medical procedure which must be implemented by a doctor.

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