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A Proper Hair Restoration

Hair restoration becomes a popular hair loss treatment which occupies billions of dollars international market. It’s actually the only permanent solution so far. You can easily find how the hair restoration has been successful regrowing hair in the balding area. Well, despite the promotional footage and campaign about its success, the hair restoration can be successful only if it’s properly done.  

Hair restoration or Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which requires a certified surgeon to conduct it. However, you can still find that the hair restoration surgeons still vary from one to another. So, it’s reasonable when you heard about different testimonials about the results. What you’re looking for including the natural look and dense hair growth. Learning from the official hair restoration network is very helpful in finding a reputable surgeon and where you can take the procedure.

It’s a very eligible experience when you can discuss and learn how the procedure will go on from the real patients. You may join the discussion forum or simply stalk the blogs generated by real patients of hair restoration. It makes you become a part of hair restoration networks which provides you various benefits including finding the best surgeon and learning fundamental information from the perspective of patients.

Hair restoration actually doesn’t create any new hair. It works by relocating the healthy hair follicles from the back or side of your head. This is called the donor area where the hair follicles are resistant to DHT hormones which trigger the pattern baldness. The same follicles are harvested and replanted to the balding area and grow new hair there. How the surgeon handles the hair follicles will determine how many hair grafts would still alive during the procedure. In other hands, skill and experiences will determine how the surgeon can generate the natural look or not.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

You can’t know how certain surgeons are the best until you observe the results. You need to know what to expect after the hair restoration including the progress from month to month.  The transplanted hair will fall out in two weeks and regrow new hair within 3-4 months. Each person may have different progress, but the peak of the result should be somewhere between 12 -18 months after the procedure.

Hair restoration network allows you to have a comprehensive itinerary of before, on, and after the procedure. Ensure that you get the best surgeon, best procedure, and proper recovery period.

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