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Hair Restoration News: Scientist Have Found Hair Loss Cure

People are obsessed with hair restoration news. Scientists are on a tight race in developing an effective hair loss cure. So far, there is no such drugs or medication that provide real hair restoration. Today, the permanent result can only be provided by hair transplant surgery.

Hair Restoration News: Mice Stem Cells

Scientists have been one step closer to baldness cure where the mice stem cells are involved. They have managed to create multilayer skin using the mice stem cells. Epidermis and dermis are well-formed which indicate a closer step to an applicable cure to promote a natural hair growth in the balding scalp. It may perform a better result compared to the existing hair loss cures which have no reputation for growing new hair.

It’s a good hair restoration news even though they’re still facing some obstacles. They’re not able to identify the type of hairs may grow yet. They continue to learn how the skin tissues develop in the skin layers to grow the possible hair follicles which will grow new hair. The research may find the way how to replace the existing dead follicles.

EHRS 2018 Hair restoration news

Two weeks ago European Hair Research Society show some promising progress. They include how they deal with the Androgenetic Alopecia and Latanoprost. The society may put high concern on 3d culturing for the hair regeneration research project. The project has been initiated in the previous meetings. It seems that EHRS works without mice stem cells.

No Shave Hair Transplant

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AHRS 2018 Hair Restoration News

In its first meeting, the summit presents some interesting progress on JAK inhibitors, topical anti-androgen, platelet-rich plasma, and laser therapies. JAK inhibitors are developed to deal with two main baldness, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. The topical androgen seems stagnant with no crucial developments. In fact, the AHRS 2018 is mapping all the possibilities based on the existing research projects.

IID 2018 Hair Restoration News

In other hands, International Investigative Dermatology also held the meeting with the most interesting topic of JAK inhibitor. The inhibitor seems to be developed by scientists worldwide. It seems that the major component of the final product is being developed. We may find JAK inhibitor-based hair loss cure products in the market soon.

Hair Restoration News: Pluripotent Stem Cells

The findings of pluripotent stem cells which are researched by Japanese scientist can potentially treat the hair loss. It was formerly developed to support nerve damage repair. The pluripotent cells can convert the human stem cells to dermal papilla cells which is a basic component of hair follicles. It has been tested on mice and is on its way to the final product for the human.

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