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Just like any other topic or niches, hair transplant has its own forums where people can share and discuss the information about hair transplant. However, a willingness to get an objective information should deal with uncomfortable fact that not all the hair transplant forums are reliable. It’s not easy to differ which are the marketing campaigns, which are the fraud, or simply illegitimate contributors. Testimonials and even reviews are today easily faked or driven.

In such cases, you need to consider several factors as you decided to join a forum:

1. Policy

The websites should have a tight policy about membership and contents. It may require an ID or social media verification. Hair transplant forum is one of the targeted areas of competition among the providers. It should have a security policy where your account is protected including your personal data.

2. Environment

Unexpectedly, not all forums are reliable to engage with. This may be due to how the forum is run, whether it’s administrated or completely self-generated by its members. The forum which has less moderation may lead to the uncomfortable environment since members can conflict each other.

At this point, you need to remind yourself of why you’re joining the forum. You Are looking for motivation instead of debates. Hair loss is a stressful problem, you don’t want to get it worst. Once you’re not comfortable with the environment, just simply move to another forum.

3. Profiles

It’s not a secret that hair restoration vendors hire people to infiltrate the forum to influence the candidates. They may put a biased or partial information about their services, so you can’t find the bad side, only the good one. This is not a genuine testimony which is not what you’re looking for. Such activities are usually generated by unverified members, you can simply ignore it or report it to the administrator. Genuine testimonials and discussion are very important to motivate you before the procedure and during the recovery period.

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4. Integrity

A dedicated hair transplant forum should possess an integrity. They shouldn’t sell your personal data for advertising or any marketing campaigns. A reputable hair transplant forum has a strong policy to response any trolls and damaging contents.  At this point, you can narrow your research, the older forum with active members can be two main indicators of where you should interact.

Researching the hair transplant forum is pretty much like researching the surgeon. In fact, you can find a clue where you should take the surgery as you joined a proper forum with genuine testimonials.

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