How Much Hair Transplant Cost?

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How Much Hair Transplant Cost?

How much hair transplant cost is actually determined by several factors including where you take the procedure, method, the surgeon, and how many grafts you need to transplant. The hair transplant may cost you from $1500 – $15,000.

Where You Take the Procedure?

If you’re taking the procedure anywhere in UK or US, where the living cost is higher, you’ll be charged more for hair transplant. Different countries or cities may charge you additional cost for accommodations. In other hands, taking hair transplant procedure in Turkey will cut down the price to 70 percent even you include the tax and accommodation.

The Surgeon

Hair transplant is an aesthetic surgery procedure which mostly owned by private sectors. The competition in the hair transplant market generates the price diversity among the surgeons. It seems that the more experienced and reputable surgeon, the more you should pay the bill.

The Method

FUE may cost you more than the FUT method even though the main difference between two is only about the harvesting. It’s due to the fact that the surgeon should remove the hair follicles one by one from the donor area in FUE, while he/she can slit a strip of skin in FUT. Furthermore, advanced technologies applied including the motorized or robotic system may cost you double.

How Many Grafts You Need?

Most hair transplant clinic may cost you per graft. The more hair grafts you need, the more you should pay. Norwood scale may help you to have an overview of how many grafts you may need to transplant. Otherwise, some hair transplant clinics offer a free consultation which may provide you an information about the amount of the grafts needed.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Accommodation Cost

As previously mentioned, if you’re taking the procedure in other cities or countries, accommodation fee should be counted. It includes the transportation fee and hotel fee. It’s actually beyond of what the hair clinic will charge you. However, some hair transplant clinics over a complete package which include procedure, medication, and limited accommodation in it.


The recovery time may require spending more money for medications or any additional treatment. The medication includes the pain-killers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and so forth. Propecia and Minoxidil may be prescribed to optimize the hair transplant result as well as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

These are how much hair transplant cost is determined. The procedure is relatively expensive, but you can certainly compare different options on your budget to get the best deal. Consider taking the procedure in Turkey, the fastest growing hair transplant market in the world.

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