Is Hair Transplant Safe?

Is Hair Transplant Safe is hair transplant safe Is Hair Transplant Safe? is hair transplant safe

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Is Hair Transplant Safe for Sure?

Hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss problem. It’s a surgical procedure where the surgeon moves the healthy hair follicles to the balding area. Many people wonder is hair transplant safe to take. The reality is that hundred thousand procedures are performed each year around the world. US, UK, and Turkey are three leading countries in providing hair transplant procedure.

Is Hair Transplant Safe?

The short answer is yes, hair transplant is safe. As long as you take the procedure in the credible clinics with certified surgeons then it would be completely safe. These are minor complications which may occur after the procedure:


Since it’s a surgical procedure then it’s quite normal that there is a chance of bleeding. Minor bleeding is a common effect of the procedure especially in the stripped method which involves stitches, but the persistent one is rarely found.

2.Temporary Fall Out

You may find the transplanted hair falls out after two weeks. It’s simply that the hair is entering the rest phase. The transplanted follicles will grow new hair within months. The optimum result can be observed within a day.


If you’re taking FUT the doctor may give you some painkillers due to an invasive method. However, if you’re taking the extraction method or FUE, then you may experience a minor pain.


After the minor pain period, what you may experience is numbness in the donor area. It’s actually a normal effect which may last several weeks.


A linear scarring is the common issue of FUT method. FUE is the less invasive method which leaves no linear scarring, only leave small dots which can be easily concealed as the hair grow.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service


There will be a minor possibility of swelling in the forehead and eye area which may last one up to two days.


Well, like other surgical procedures, you may experience itchiness both in the donor and recipient area. It will last for several days and be gone by the days. It’s very important to not scratching the scalp even it’s so tempting.


The transplanted follicles may create minor cysts or pimples in the transplanted area. They will be gone after weeks, the doctor may suggest you a product to deal with them.


It’s actually an uncomfortable experience even though the chance is very small. Hiccups may appear for hours to days, there are no explanations about this issue.

Is hair transplant safe? yes, it is. Dr. Tayfun offers a completely safe hair transplant procedure. Contact our customer service now.

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