Is Hair Transplant Worth It?

is hair transplant worth it Is Hair Transplant Worth It? is hair transplant worth it

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Why is Hair Transplant Worth it?

As the leading hair loss treatment, hair transplant has been proven to provide a real result. However, many people still ask is hair transplant worth it as the price is not cheap. It may cost you thousands of dollar and require a year to reach the final result. Here are the reasons why hair transplant is more expensive than any treatments:

1. Rigorous Pre-Procedure Examination

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure require comprehensive diagnosis and tests. It may include an in-depth interview about the hair loss history, blood test, blood pressure test, and so forth. The surgeon will diagnose and measure your head scalp and determine how many grafts are needed to transplant including where are would be the donor area.

2. Complicated Procedure

The local anesthesia will be applied to your scalp to ensure the painless procedure. The surgeon then starts to harvest the follicular units from the donor area and store them into a media contained hypotermosol and AP to keep them alive.

How the surgeon handles the grafts is the crucial aspect to maintain the healthy and undamaged grafts. Only healthy hair follicles can grow the hair in the balding area, dead follicles can cause pimples and grow no hair for sure. That’s why only certified surgeons can conduct the hair transplant procedure.

3. Post Procedure

You may be provided painkillers, antibiotics, and any other necessary medications which help you get through the recovery time. Consultation and check up may be regularly conducted to monitor the progress. Some clinics already include the medication into the package so they won’t charge you more.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

4. Real Result

Hair transplant provides a real result. As you’ve seen above, the surgeon doesn’t put any artificial hair. He/she simple relocates the hair follicles from the area which is resistant to the baldness into the balding area. The same hair follicles grow new hair which is permanent and natural just exactly the same as the surrounded area. The skill and experiences of the surgeon will determine how natural the result will be.

These are why hair transplant more expensive than other treatments. However, you can have a  more affordable offer if you take the procedure in our clinic, in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Tayfun hair transplant clinic offers a complete package of high-quality hair transplant surgery. Dr. Tayfun has performed thousands of hair transplant for more than two decades. We cover the medications and accommodations including rooms, hotel, and airport transportation. Contact our customer support now.

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