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    Why You Should Go To Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

    Turkey has gained the popularity among the hair transplant patients. It becomes one of the world’s top destinations of hair restoration. It’s easy to find many people sharing their hair transplant experience in Turkey. Here are why you should go to Turkey for the best 3500 grafts hair transplant cost procedure

    Very Cheap

    In countries like UK or US, the hair clinic charges you from $4 to $8 per graft. In Turkey, you need only to spend $1.5 per graft. So, you can imagine how much you can save for 3500 grafts hair transplant cost if you take the procedure in Turkey. In most cases, you can save up to 80% for a hair transplant in Turkey.

    <strong>3500 grafts hair transplant cost</strong> 3500 grafts hair transplant cost 3500 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost 3500 grafts hair transplant cost 1Best for Great Number of Grafts

    Most hair transplant clinics in the world would charge you per grafts instead of per session. The 3500 grafts hair transplant cost would be too expensive if you take the procedure in the US or UK. You can spend up to $28,000 for 3500 grafts hair transplant cost in those countries. In other hands, you may only spend up to $5,250 in Turkey with the same quality.

    Giant Market

    Turkey is actually one of the world’s leading hair transplant players in the world worth more than $1 billion per year. Each month, there are more than 6000 hair transplant procedures performed in Turkey including 3500 grafts hair transplant cost for sure. You can imagine how the business chain works. It won’t disappoint you.

    Technology & Services

    Since hair transplant is one of the cores of medical business in Turkey, the technologies get a high concern. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are using the modern technologies. They also offer a comfortable environment as well as helpful services to support their patients.

    Quality Clinics and Reputable Surgeons

    Turkey is home to hundreds of quality hair transplant clinics which offer affordable 3500 grafts hair transplant cost for you. Istanbul, the capital city alone has more than 350 hair clinics. The famous Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is actually a Turkish nationality who perform hair transplant in his own clinic, Dr.T Hair Transplant Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey.

    Advanced Technique

    In Turkey, the surgeons use the advanced fue techniques for your 3500 grafts hair transplant cost procedure. It allows you to have more natural results and comfortable recovery. The surgeon extracts the hair follicles one by one with micro punches instead of taking a strip of skin from the donor area. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.