4000 Grafts Hair Transplant

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What You Get With 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant

Hair transplant isn’t a one size fit all hair solution, it doesn’t work like the supplement or vitamin. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where the existing hair follicles taken from the permanent area, divided into grafts, and then transplanted to the balding area. Each person needs different numbers of hair grafts, it depends on the balding area and hair donor availability. However, 4000 grafts hair transplant becomes a popular “benchmark” of how hair transplant can restore the hair transplant. People wonder whether they can get their hair thicker with a 4000 grafts hair transplant or not.

The 4000 grafts hair transplant thickness can be observed after the procedure. The 4000 grafts hair transplant isn’t an instant hair loss solution. The hair will continue growing for up to 1 year. So you wouldn’t have to worry if you couldn’t see a significant hair growth during the first three months. Check these following periodic 4000 grafts hair transplant progress

Hair Transplant 2 weeks

The transplanted hair will fall out from the balding area. It’s a normal post-procedure condition where the hair follicles are entering the telogen or resting phase. The 4000 grafts hair transplant procedure forces the follicles to enter this phase, but it doesn’t mean that the follicles are dead, it’s just resting. At this phase, you won’t see any hair growth yet.

Hair Transplant 1 months

The transplanted hair will completely fall out, you’ll find the scalp in the transplanted area is so soft. The doctor may prescribe you with minoxidil so you can tenderly massage your scalp to optimize the hair growth. Otherwise, some doctors may suggest you taking Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) therapy to stimulate the hair growth.

Hair Transplant 2-3 months

The transplanted hair will be entering the anagen phase 2-3 months after 4,000 grafts hair transplant procedure. You’ll see that the hair starts to grow in the transplanted area. However, you can’t see the thick hair growth, yet you can’t conclude about the success or how would the thickness be.

Hair Transplant 6 months

You’ll experience significant hair growth within six months. At this point, you would see that your hair look thicker. You can calm down yourself that the procedure does really work. You might not be patience to see the results but there is no other way except waiting, it’s applied to all 4000 grafts hair transplant patients.

The hair will continue to grow until one year after the surgery. At this point, you can evaluate whether the result is thicker enough or not. If it’s not, you may consider taking another session to increase the density and thickness.

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