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    The After Hair Transplant Care You Need to Know

    The typical questions about the after hair transplant care has been one of the most determining factors in choosing the hair transplant clinic. You may have a lot of questions about the after-care from specific hair clinic. The Drt Hair Clinic has made it clear that all the patients will receive after-care and assistantship 24/7, no matter where they are. But to give you glanced picture of after hair transplant care that you will get, here we are going to break them down in purer batches.

    After Fue Hair Transplant Care

    Let’s start with what you need to know about after hair transplant care that you need to follow. It is imperative to understand that the FUE hair transplant procedure is the non-invasive and painless hair restoration procedure that will bring such a good result. That means you will have natural looking full head of hair. The hair clinic will release you the same day of the surgery. And by then, you can start continuing your activity, although other people will notice that you’ve just undergone surgery. However, you can rest assured that the after hair transplant care is straightforward and easy. When you are still in the Drt Hair Clinic, the nurse will advise you about the aftercare program. Your doctor will also give the details that you need to follow after the surgery.

    Depending on your case, after hair transplant care of prescriptions and advice can be different. But the most common one is that you will receive antibiotics to fight against the infections. The medication will also be delivered to handle the swelling. You will also use special shampoo and specific instructions to do at home. Your life will never be the same again. But it only happens in the first year. The next year after the surgery, the after hair transplant care will be less intense than before because your hair growth will be healthy. Assuming that you follow all the instructions given by your doctor, you will see the significant results starting from the 4th month after the surgery.

    After Hair Transplant Surgery Care

    There are also things you can’t do after hair transplant care that can affect the result of the hair transplant. Although you can get back to work a week after the surgery, your doctor will not allow you to do that if there is still swelling or other side effects. If you are not sure, it is best to consult with your doctor before getting back to the work life. The after hair transplant care should not be difficult at all if you are open to your doctor.

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    You need to ensure what you should and shouldn’t do during the recovery period. As long as the hair transplant is conducted by licensed surgeon then you can certainly expect real hair growth. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.

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