Are Hair Transplant Worth It

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Are Hair Transplant Worth It?

Hair transplant is a costly investment so are hair transplant worth it is actually a fair question. In the UK or the US, you may have to spend $4,000 to $15,000 for hair transplant procedure. Meanwhile, in Turkey, you can have one starting from $1,500.  

So, if you ask are hair transplant worth it for your hair loss, then the short answer would be YES. You should see that there are thousands of hair loss products available in the market but they mostly provide no results. Some of them may provide a temporary result and you need to continuously purchase them. In other hands, Hair transplant is a lifetime investment that truly restores your hair. In fact, hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss by far.

Let’s see how the process to answer are hair transplant worth it to invest


Harvesting shows are hair transplant worth it due to diligent and professional works. After giving you a local anesthesia, the surgeon will start to harvest the healthy follicles from the back and side of your head. The both transplanted and donor area are previously cleared.


As the follicular units have been harvested, the surgeon or technicians will divide them into grafts. Harvested follicles are vulnerable, they should be soaked in a special saline solution contains hypothermosol+ATP to keep them alive during the procedure. The failure to handle, move and relocate hair follicles can cause them dead before transplanted and they won’t grow any hair.

3.Recipient Area

The surgeon will make micro-incisions and placed the grafts there which are hair transplant worth it for diligent work. While replanting, the surgeon will consider the natural pattern and the size of the grafts to generate a more natural look. Each graft may contain 1-2 or 3-4 hairs which would be placed based on the natural pattern. The frontal part of the hair line will be occupied by the smaller grafts while the larger grafts will be placed behind the hairline.

4.Post Procedure

The whole procedure may take up to 8 hours to complete and it answers are hair transplant worth it for sure. You’ll enter the recovery period for several weeks while the hair will start to grow within 3 months and reach its peak after one year.

The complex procedure explains are hair transplant worth it for a lifetime investment. Each person averagely takes 1-2 session of hair transplant procedure for their entire life. The transplanted hair won’t lose their locks for the rest of your life.

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