Are Hair Transplants Noticeable?

Are Hair Transplants Noticeable?

At clinics where experienced hair doctors do this process, hair implantation is never a conspicuous process, and the results are aesthetic and natural.

Many people ask are hair transplant noticeable on their appearance. The hair transplant basically works by relocating the existing hair follicles from the permanent zone to the balding area. The permanent zone is where the scalp is resistant to DHT hormone which is the major cause of the baldness. At this point, the hair transplant clearly doesn’t create new hair, it simply replaces balding scalp with the healthy ones. The transplanted hair grafts will indeed grow natural hair months after the procedure.

However, how the hair growth and what they’ll look like may be determined by the surgeon. An experienced surgeon is capable to transplant the hair considering the angle, density, position, and direction to promote natural appearance. At this point, the hair transplant will result in aesthetic and natural look.

Hair Transplants Surgery Scar

The other aesthetic problem may be generated by hair transplant surgery is due to scarring. This scarring is actually not generated by all hair transplant methods. The scarring mostly appears after the FUT or stripped method. In this method, the surgeon harvests the hair follicles by taking a long strip on the scalp from the donor area, dividing them into hair grafts, and replanting them to the balding area. After harvesting, the surgeon will stitch or staple the wound which will leave a linear scarring. This scarring is clearly visible as you have a short haircut. Even though experienced surgeon can leave a smaller scar, the linear scarring seems to be inevitable.

Hair Transplants FUE Method

In other hands, the FUE hair transplant which is the newer method has a different story. The surgeon individually extracts the hair follicles one by one from the donor area which will only leave red dots and need no stitching or stapling. The red dots will be healed and blurred during the recovery period. The scarring is actually not visible, and this allows you to have a shorter haircut. An aesthetic problem is not the concern as long as the procedure is conducted by an experienced surgeon.

For those who are wondering are the hair transplants noticeable then the answer is no. Any aesthetic problem can be maintained by taking a high-quality FUE hair transplant in the first place or taking an FUE session to fix the linear scarring generated by previous FUT procedure. The corrective procedure will perfectly cover up the scarring with hair growth as long as the scars have access to the blood flow.

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