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    ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

    The artas robotic Hair Transplant system is the most technologically advanced and sophisticated device to be introduced to the field of hair restoration. The systems utilizes image-guided robotics and amazing algorithms to better manual hair transplant methods. The physician-assisted technology has fully revolutionized the industry with its unparallel results and performance.

    As an Artas center of clinical excellence, hair restoration is keen to providing the new and most innovative treatment for hair loss.

    Artas Advantages

    ARTAS Hair Restoration Cost artas hair restoration cost ARTAS Hair Restoration Cost artas hair restoration costArtas hair restoration cost provides advantages to both women and men looking to restore the hair.
    Some of the Artas benefits contain:

    • No scarring
    • No stitches, scalpel, or suturing
    • Minimally invasive hair transplant procedure
    • Clever algorithms
    • Improved digital imaging
    • Preview potential outcomes before the procedure
    • Precision robotics that give accuracy and speed
    • Quicker recovery time
    • Delivers highest standard of grafts in a one session
    • Indentifies the top hair follicles for harvesting
    • Natural-looking, fuller outcome that last


    Artas vs Traditional Hair Transplantations

    The artas robotic hair transplant system was made by restoration robotics and incorporates the FUE hair transplant method and Artas hair restoration cost and technique. The traditional technique of the FUE hair transplant procedure was a labor-intensive process that needed surgeons to manually dissect 100s and 100s of hair follicles from the patients donor place.

    The artas hair transplant surgery was  developed by big engineers and researchers to improve hair growth outcomes and the best the FUE hair transplant method.

    The physician-linked Artas hair restoration cost and  robotic technology permit surgeons to precisely harvest each hair graft at the right same accuracy and consistency throughout the full procedure, eliminating any potential for human fatigue or error.

    Artas hair transplant is capable to:


    • Calculate the right angles and depths of the follicular units
    • Use digital imaging and precision robots to rightly identify and harvest the top follicular hair units for harvesting
    • Track each individual hair graft throughout the full procedure
    • Make natural site distribution for thicker and fuller outcomes

    ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure

    The artas robotic hair transplant process can take anywhere from four to eight hours depending on the patients hair restoration goals, needs and desires. The patient will be seated comfortably throughout the totally of the procedure, and may take breaks at any point in time. The Artas procedure is virtually painless and simply invasive; anyway, local anesthesia will be applied to the recipient and donor areas in order to decrease the trace of discomfort for the patient. Most patients report pretty to no pain during and after the procedure and artas hair restoration cost is very affordable.

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