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What is Best Hair Loss Treatment?

In this page you will find detailed information about best hair loss treatment in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about best hair loss treatment please read the article. Hair loss is actually the common case occurs due to disruption of the hair growth natural process. The hair follicles which are living under the outer skin possess the hair bulb on their base which will grow to be hair crowd. The bulge feature of follicles divide the self-renewing follicle stem cells into those which become the new stem cell and those which remain as next batch. Hair loss happens when the there is disruption on that process which makes bad hair loss just couldn’t be avoided for several people.

Fortunately, the understanding of hair loss has been actually improved during a decade. Hair loss research and studies are going to be executable. Now, there is various hair treatment available in the market, it’s very important to choose the best hair loss treatment ranging from the traditional to the advanced ones.


Styling habit actually plays big role hair damage especially when you’re depending on irons and hair dryers. Those devices might help you in shaping your hairstyle but they do certain damages like thinning or breakage, or simply both. The damage possibility could increase after as you got coloring your hair. If you have a hair loss problem then you should consider reducing ironing and hair drying.  For further information, a sub-paragrap plains best hair loss treatment.

2. Massage

Another treatment can be done by yourself is massaging your head while you’re washing your hair using shampoo. The massaging will improve your blood flow to the scalp that is the best condition where hair can grow. Furthermore, massaging can support the follicles receiving any supplements or vitamins contained in the shampoo. Any hair treatment shampoo should advise a thorough massaging during the application.

3. Minoxidil

Minoxidil works by enhancing follicle size so it can produce a bigger hair strand. Minoxidil has passed the FDA approval and seems to be promising for a female user. It’s been reported that about half of Minoxidil female users gaining improvement through the treatment. They experience new hair growth as the result of treatment. However, if you stop the Minoxidil treatment, new hair growth will also stop. Minoxidil is available in the market as liquid or foam in two percent or five percent solution. You can apply the solution to your scalp twice a day.You don’t need any prescription to get Minoxidil. Beware of irritation that may occur in Minoxidil treatment.

4. Hair Transplant

As you’re suffering hair loss and possess no response to medication treatment, then you should consider a hair transplant. The procedure is commonly conducted by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon takes little strands of hair from healthy sides of your scalp as the plugs to be transplanted to the hair loss side. Even though this treatment has no side effects, you need to continue the transplant procedures as your hair loss problem continues.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

5. Traditional Medication: Basil Oil and Peppermint Oil

These two oils have been well known to have multiple benefits to human health, including overcoming the hair loss problem. Even though there is no scientific support for that claims, Peppermint and basil oils actually possess properties which improve the blood circulation that can grow new hair and promote a healthier hair. If you want to try this treatment, you’re suggested combining two oils to get a maximum result. The great news is that these oils are widely available in modern or traditional markets.For further information, a sub-paragrap plains best hair loss treatment.

6. Lasers

Lasers may be one of the best hair loss treatments as it lessens follicle inflammation which is the inhibiting factor in the follicle to regenerate. Laser treatments seem to go advanced as you can have a take-home laser device instead of visiting a clinic. It’s reported that laser treatment contributes to massive growing hair density in half year.

7. Supplements

You can also put supplement into your diet to overcome the hair loss. The supplement should contain various ingredients that support the growth of healthier hair. They’re including vitamin C, biotin, niacin, zinc, and fish protein. There are actually various hair supplements available in the market today. However, it’s very important to consult your dermatologist first before taking any supplement or oral medication.

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