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    What Is The best hair restoration for men?

    Hair loss is a devastating experience, especially for men. It takes your confidence as well as your social relation. Soon or later, most men will join the balding club. Over decades, people and sciences have to look for the solution. However, there are tons of products available in the market have exaggerated claims. Many people just take the bait and invest for nothing.

    Here are the best hair restoration for men solutions with real effects

    <strong>best hair restoration for men</strong> best hair restoration for men Best Hair Restoration for Men best hair restoration for men 1 300x1871. Finasteride and Minoxidil

    There are only two best hair restoration for men medications approved by the FDA, finasteride and minoxidil. Finasteride is a prescribed medication works by suppressing the DHT hormones up to 70 percent. This will slow down the progressive baldness and hopefully promote some hair growth. In other hands, you can have minoxidil without prescription. Minoxidil is available in many forms and brands. The common use of Minoxidil is solution form is for slowing down the hair loss. It’s usually used in collaboration with other treatments.

    2. Ketoconazole Shampoo

    Even though it’s well-known as anti-fungal, ketoconazole has anti-inflammatory and anti-androgen properties which can treat male pattern baldness. Of course, it’s less strong than the medications. However, you can use it in combination with other treatments to support the best hair restoration for men program. As a complementary treatment, you can take ketoconazole shampoo from store nearby. However, you may need a prescription for a higher composition than 1 percent.

    3. Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)

    Another possible best hair restoration for men could be the PRP. It works by separately processing your own blood, concentrating it in order to boost the platelets and growing elements. Then, the concentrate is applied into your own scalp and aims to push the hair follicles from prolonged dormant phase(resting) to anagen phase and grow some hair. Among the several applications, PRP is best hair restoration for men used in collaboration with Hair Transplant.

    4. Hair Transplant

    If you’re looking for a permanent result, hair transplant is the best hair restoration for men for sure. It’s a surgical procedure where the hair follicles from the back or side f your head are moved to the balding area. These follicles are those which perform a high resistance to the DHT hormones. The same follicles will grow the hair in the affected area and remain there for the rest of your life. In fact, the best hair restoration for men and permanent result can only be gained through surgery by far.

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