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    Can a Hair Transplant Fail?

    Failure rate of hair transplant surgery is 95% or more if it is not done by trained, experienced and competent hairdoctors. If you have an experienced doctor, the chance of failure is minimal.

    The successful rate of hair transplantation is more than 95 %. It’s due to the fact that the hair transplant is a surgical procedure which can only be done by a licensed surgeon. There are steps to pass in order to ensure your eligibility and post-procedure instruction which majorly guarantee the success of a hair transplant. If that’s so, can a hair transplant fail ? the 5% of chance might become a concern due to various reasons as well as what can be done in correcting the result.

    Why Would a Hair Transplant Fail?

    The key success of a hair transplant is the way of the surgeon handle the grafts. Once the surgeon harvests the follicular units from the back of your head, the surgeon may not leave them too long outside your body or it will be damaged or simply dead. If the surgeon takes some time before implanting, he/she should delicately contain the grafts in a media with a special solution to keep it alive. Otherwise, the surgeon works with the assistants to ensure liveliness of the follicular unit for the transplantation. Dead follicles won’t grow any hair and create pimples instead. At this point, the failure of handling the hair grafts can mean the failure of the whole procedure.

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    Hair Transplant Procedure

    However, don’t misjudge the recovery period with the failure as the transplanted hair will certainly fall out during 2-3 weeks after the procedure. This is actually a temporary and normal post-procedure condition. The transplanted hairs are experiencing shock and stress during the transplantation. The hair should grow back within 3-6 months and reach its peak12 months after the procedure. At this point, you can clearly observe the result of hair transplant procedure you’ve taken and decide what to do with it.

    Can a hair transplant fail ? In pre-procedure steps, the doctors will examine your hair loss and determine whether you’re eligible to take the procedure or not. It would mainly be related to your health condition and the sufficiency of hair donor. As you have inadequate hair donor, a reputable doctor won’t recommend you to take the procedure or offer you Body Hair Transplant which is actually not an ideal solution either. If the hair transplant fails, the most important step is to diagnose the main causes to find a proper solution. In many cases, another session of hair transplant procedure is taken to fix the bad results. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.