Can Hair Transplant Fail?

Can Hair Transplant Fail

Hair transplant must be performed absolutely by an an experienced doctor who is ISHRS or ABHRS, the failure rate of hair transplant by technicians is 95%. Because hair transplantation is a type of micro-surgery that looks simple but has very little nuances underneath. Attempting to perform this operation without knowing the anatomy of scalp and hair and the character of tissue is like driving car without driving license and having an accident is inevitable for the people who have no driving license. The biggest advantage of technician clinics is that the result of hair transplantation can be seen after 1 year, you can not find any patients after the bad result.

Hair Transplant becomes the most popular hair loss procedure. It’s actually a surgical procedure which involves professional surgeons whether they’re ISHRS or ABHRS. Most of the failure occurs in hair transplants are related to the human resources. Here are the factors can hair transplant fail :

Hair Transplant Graft Handling

Handling the hair grafts from the donor area to the recipient is the key to hair transplant procedure. It’s due to the fact that there should be enough grafts to transplant. The surgeon should handle the hair grafts in a proper way to keep them alive for transplanting. The hair grafts shouldn’t be damaged. This will allow you to have full grown hair results, dead hair grafts will grow nothing.

Graft Placing

The surgeon should place the hair grafts in a correct way. Only skilled and expert surgeon can plant the hair follicles harvested from the donor area to the balding area. A skilled, trained, and a certified surgeon can handle the hair grafts and transplant them in the balding, and providing you’re a natural appearance.

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Graft Donor Selection

It’s possible that a hair transplant procedure may require the surgeon to harvest the hair follicles from other parts of your body or other individual’s hair. In such case, the hair transplant may fail due to the wrong or incompatible graft donor which may be rejected by your scalp. In fact, harvesting hair follicles from your head is the best way you can gain full hair growth.

Patient Suitability

The reputation of hair transplant in overcoming the baldness is might be unquestioned. However, the hair transplant may be not for you. Many people are urged to take the hair transplant but the procedure isn’t suitable for them. Forcing to take hair transplant when it’s not suitable can worst your hair loss. Can hair transplant fail ?You’ll need to consult the doctors first to determine whether hair transplant is a suitable hair loss treatment for you.


You need to ensure that the clinics are certified to perform hair transplant procedure. One step called assessment is where your hair loss situation is assessed. When an uncertified clinic skips this step, it may generate a bad result of hair transplant procedure. It’s suggested for you to gather in-depth information about hair transplant procedure as you consult your doctor in a hair clinic. You can contact us page  for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.

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