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    Can Hair Transplant Fail ?

    Hair transplant is a hair loss breakthrough yet the only permanent solution by far. It’s a surgical procedure where the surgeon moves the healthy follicular units from the permanent area to the balding area.

    Despite its success, many people still wonder whether can hair transplant fail or not. It’s a fair question since it may become their first surgery experience ever. Let’s have a look at the possibilities of can hair transplant fail so you can avoid or prevent it.

    Poor Handling of the Grafts

    How the surgeon handles the grafts plays a key role the success or can hair transplant fail of the procedure. It includes extraction, moving, storing, and transplanting the follicles. The surgeon should ensure the follicles alive until it’s transplanted to the balding area. Poor handling can damage or kill the follicles. Dead follicles won’t grow any hair, they create pimples instead.

    Displacement of the Grafts

    The displacement of the grafts can hair transplant fail in most circumstances. A surgeon should have years of experiences to correctly place the hair grafts. The displacement can lead to doll-like appearance while the correct ones will generate a natural result. Hair transplant requires specific skills requires licenses and extensive training. That’s why you should go nowhere but credible hair clinics with reputable surgeons.

    Poor Grafts Donor Selections

    Chances of can hair transplant fail to include how and where the surgeon take donor. Hair donor insufficiency is one of the common eligibility issues of hair transplant patients. Some surgeons then take grafts from other parts of your body or even from other people to meet a number of the graft needed to transplant. However, this may lead to can hair transplant fail for sure since such grafts can reject their new home and lead to a failed procedure. H

    Not Eligible

    You can find can hair transplant fail due to the eligibility issue. Not all people are the best candidate for the surgery. The main reason is that your male pattern baldness is still progressive. Hair surgery can only be taken as the hair loss is already settled down. Too early taking hair transplant won’t stop the baldness. So even though you’ve restored the current balding area, the surrounded area will still go bald in the future. This condition will damage your appearance and require you to take another session in the future.

    Consult your hair loss now to ensure your eligibility with Dr. T Hair Transplant Clinic, the leading hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.