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  • 13 May 2018
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Can You Transplant Hair on Scar Tissue?

If scar tissue is appropriate, hair grafts can be transplanted on these areas, your doctor can tell you this by examining you. For deep and hard scar tissue sometimes other treatments may be needed beforehand.

Scaring is usually considered to be inhibiting factors of hair transplant procedure. It might make you ineligible to take any surgery. However, due to advance development of hair transplant procedure especially in FUE method, a scaring won’t make you ineligible to take the procedure. The scar tissue can be an annoying experience where the hair may hardly or even not grow in that area. This creates unnatural look and aesthetic problem which need to be fixed.

Does Transplant Hair Really Works?

The hair transplant works by removing the follicular units from the back or side of your head and replanting them to the balding area. Can you transplant hair on scar tissue ? Scarring generated by the accidents or previous procedure can actually be handled b by transplanting new hair grafts on it. In fact, small scaring only require a shorter time for the procedure to complete. However, there are circumstances where they can be a successful procedure.

The main circumstance can you transplant hair on scar tissue is where the scaring isn’t severe or too deep. Before the procedure is conducted, the surgeon will certainly examine the scarring in your head to determine whether the condition is eligible for hair transplant surgery. If the scar tissues are severe and deeper, the doctor may suggest you other treatments before you can take a hair transplant procedure.

Can You Transplant Hair on Scar Tissue

Hair Transplant Hair Regrowth 

Even though it’s possible to regrow hair on the scar tissue, the density may become another issue. The surgeon may apply the strategy to create acceptable appearance but may not achieve the desired density of the surrounding area. That’s why a proper treatment may be required to make the scar tissues eligible for hair transplant procedure. The idea is to make the scar tissue an access to the blood flow. It’s due to the fact that transplanted hair follicles which have no access to the blood circulation will be dead soon. Dead follicles won’t grow any hair and create pimples instead.

Can you transplant hair on scar tissue? Scar tissues actually need a personalized hair transplant. The scar problem will be assessed so the surgeon can manage a proper procedure to handle the scar tissues. A proper examination will allow the doctor to suggest a proper treatment. It’s okay if you have to take some medications other treatment beforehand. Once you’re eligible to take a hair transplant procedure, you will certainly experience new hair growth in the scar tissues and gain your normal hair back. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu


Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is pioneer MD for Hair transplant procedures in Turkey. He is the one of the first doctor who established his own clinic and applied FUT Technique in 1996-1997. After a year in 1998, he practiced in and became a member of International Society5 of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

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