Conferences & Workshop

  • 2015

    ISHRS Chicago Congress

  • 2014

    FACE London(Hair Section)

  • 2013

    ISHRS San Francisco

  • 2013

    ISHRS European Workshop Manchester

  • 2011

    (IMCASS Aesthetic Congress) Paris

  • 2010

    (IMCASS Aesthetic Congress) Paris

  • 2009


  • 2008

    ISHRS -Montreal

  • 2007

    ISHRS –Las Vegas

  • 2007

    (IMCASS Ästhetik Kongress) Paris

  • 2006

    ISHRS Vanocover

  • 2006

    AAD(American Academy of Dermatology) San-Antonio

  • 2005

    EADV(European Academy of Dermatology) Rodos

  • 2005

    ESHRS Brüssel

  • 2002

    ESHRS Berlin

  • 2001

    ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) Madrid

  • 2000

    ASHRS(Aegean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) Atina

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It’s now been 2 weeks to the day since I returned from Cyprus after receiving FUE treatment with GetHair and I felt ready to now offer a review of their service and treatment. I have suffered from huge confidence issues since I began losing my hair in my early 20s which ultimately led to me wearing a hat everytime I set foot out of the house. I was also suffering from social anxiety in situations where hats were not appropriate, so much so that I would make excuses to avoid these events….

Grew G
London, UK

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