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    Consider the Cost Per Hair Graft Below

    How much cost per hair graft in top hair clinics? It is indeed one of the most significant questions asked by the patients. The cost of hair transplant can range from $1,000 to $ 18,000 depending on the hair clinics which offer the hair transplant. In the US or UK, the cost per hair graft can be around $4 to $7 per graft. That is an insanely expensive price. Meanwhile, Turkey has more affordable rates of hair transplant. It can cost around $1 to $3 per graft. The difference is so significant so that many people want to go to Turkey for having the hair transplant.

    Cost Per Hair Graft cost per hair graft Cost Per Hair Graft cost per hair graft 1 300x187The cost per hair graft can depend on the location of the hair clinic. Taken from the example above, we could conclude that where the clinic is located can make a huge different in the cost. FYI, the expensive prices in the US hair clinic don’t justify that they are better than Turkey’s clinics. On the Contrary, the Turkey hair clinics have more years of experience and expertise in the hair clinic. The Drt hair Clinic, for instance, has over two decades of experience in hair transplant. The variable that determines the overall cost of the hair transplant is the number of grafts that you need to undergo the hair transplant. That’s why it is the easiest way to get the estimation for the upcoming hair transplant. Worst case scenario, you may need to deal with other expenses like your airlines tickets.

    Cost Of Hair Transplantation

    The other variable that can affect the cost per hair graft are your hairline, your head size, as well as your hair density. These factors will only be prevalent after you have a consultation with your doctor. He will thoroughly evaluate all of the aspects before concluding the prices estimation. The decades-old procedures administered by the best hair clinics can cost as little as $1. That will also depend on the offers and discounts from the hair clinic. For some returning clients, they can get friendlier prices in their second session. The hair transplant is not only suitable for men, but also women who have been suffering from hair loss.

    Turkey respects their visitors by keeping the good deals for medical tourists. The top hair clinic in Turkey like Drt Hair Clinic will maintain the quality of service with the affordable prices.The cost per hair graft won’t be burdening the average patients coming from many other countries.

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