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DHT Hair Loss

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What is the Correlation Between DHT and Hair Loss?

In this page you will find detailed information about dht hair loss in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about dht hair loss please read the article.DHT has been arguably popular term amongst folks who discuss the male pattern baldness. However, not all folks know exactly what the DHT is and how it is related to the hair loss. If you have been hearing about dht hair loss but do not know what is it about, then you need to read this article until finish.

So, What is DHT?

When it comes to dht hair loss, it is important to have a common ground that this is exclusively available on the discussion of hair loss. DHT is a short version of Dihydrotestosterone. It is actually an androgen or male sex hormone. DHT process happens in most important parts of the body such as glands, testes, prostate, and hair follicles.

How Does it Relate to Hair Loss?

Many people do not know that the changes of the DHT can affect on hair loss in both men and women. The significant changes of DHT can be because of the changes in the metabolic function and production of hormones, including the DHT. That explains why it happens more often to men because they have more testosterone than women.

The most common hair loss condition in men is the male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Here is where the dht hair loss has become much prevalent. The same term can also happen to women, although the percentage is very small.

Both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness have the same cause: the DHT. The researchers found that DHT can affect the hair follicles productivity. In severe extent, DTC can cause hair follicles to shrink.

DHT has been such a significant cause because it has direct impact on the hair follicles. As we know, hair follicles are sensitive. So, it is only natural the significant exposure to DHT can cause the hair loss. DHT can make the hair formation obstructed. Because of abnormal hair formation, the lifespan of your hairs will become much shorter.

Researchers and experts link the DHT with the Dermal Papilla. Dermal Papilla is the most crucial component in the hair follicles. It is the pivotal component for the new growing hair. The existence of dermal papilla is important in relation to the new hair follicles production.

The dermal papilla is the bridge between the blood capillaries and the hair follicles. To make sure that your hair follicles will receive nutrients needed for your hairs, the papilla should be in contact with the blood capillaries in the body. The vital nutrients will then be sent to hair follicles to grow new hair.

It is also important to know that dermal papilla has several androgen receptors. So, when the DHT comes into the androgen receptors, it will block the receptors to receive necessary nutrients for the hair follicles. The significant DHT needs to be removed to prevent the hair loss. Without realizing it, your hair resting stages will become much longer. You can imagine what will happen if your hair follicles do not receive the necessary nutrients in the process.

The DHT Can be the Primary Cause of Your Baldness, but…

When you first notice that your hair is losing, you will have plenty of questions to answer. First things first, you will ask why. Believe it or not, we are stuck to the modern medicine without paying attention to the root problem of the hair loss.

Folks in early 30 are usually prone to male pattern baldness. Around two fifth of men around the world will have to deal with some degree of hair loss, although the severity can be different.

DHT, as mentioned, is a sexual hormone. It is not exactly the testosterone. Rather, it is more active form of testosterone. So, it has the stronger effect than the conventional testosterone inside your body. Researchers claimed that they have precise measurement of how strong the DHT is. Turned out it is five times stronger than regular testosterone. If you are low-testosterone man, the high DHT can be a real threat for your hair follicles.

Let’s get this straight. Although dht hair loss is bad for hair follicles. It is not all bad. In fact, DHT is pivotal component to make you a man. DHT helps to develop the genitals in utero. It is also called as sex steroid by the health experts. However, the high levels of DHT are the concern for most men since this can cause the baldness.

DHT is needed by your body. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with tolerance to high levels of DHT. Some folks have quite a sensitivity to this  “sex steroid”.

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Lowering DHT Levels Can Alter the Hair Loss

The most effective medication by far is Propecia. It is the effective medicine that pinpoint the enzyme that converts the testosterone into DHT. By lowering the DHT levels, this will prevent your hair follicles from resting. The lowered DHT will give the safe passages of the nutrition that your hair follicles need to grow the new hair. Propecia is sold under different brands names, depending the location of the market.

Although you can find it in the usual dispensaries, it is recommended to use this to treat dht hair loss by the prescription from your doctor. It is very crucial to discuss the matter with your doctor first.

As we know, male pattern hair loss can have such negative impact on the sufferers. To overcome the condition, ones need to consider the most effective treatment for the dht hair loss.

DHT injection is also one of the most recommended treatments that you can apply. As mentioned, the Propecia can be very effective to overcome the DHT blockage. Research has shown such significant result of this medication. The hair of the patients will start appearing again after few months. Propecia is an oral medication. Injections are also applicable by the certified practitioners.

Before receiving this treatment, you will need to know the adverse effects in advance. Some of the side effects are Erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, ejaculation problems, etc. However, you can rest assured that these are the worst, and won’t likely happen if you receive a good prescription from your doctor.

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