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Does hair transplant hurt and Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Does Hair Transplant hurt?”. It is one of the questions often asked by the patients of hair transplants or people who are curious about the surgery. Well, your doctor would lie if he didn’t give the nod. But the level of pain can be relative from one person to another.

The successful hair transplant surgery procedures small wounds which are not dreadful at all. Moreover, most people often describe it as discomfort, rather than pain. But as uncomfortable as it might be, your doctor will be sincere when you ask him does hair transplant hurt.

So, does hair transplant hurt? If the feeling of discomfort is a pain for you, then it is painful. To understand more about this discomfort, people need to understand what exactly happens during the surgery. If you have the chance to ask about does hair transplant hurt with your doctor, you will learn that it is not as painful as people say. People who say that are often people who have never tried the hair transplant.

In fact, most of the patients will be dispatched from the hospital or hair clinic the same day they undergo the hair surgery. After a few weeks, the wounds will be gone entirely, and the next month the patients will notice the significant results of the operation.

After several months, the new hair will grow back in your recipient site. You will realize then that the surgery is not painful at all. It has answered your question about does hair transplant hurt.

Now for the procedure. You will feel nothing when the surgeon takes care of the system. You will ever be conscious when the surgery happen. Still, if your question does hair transplant hurt, the answer will be the same. It is not. You will receive the shots of anesthesia that will give you protection from the pain. In fact, it is probably the most painful part of the entire hair transplant procedure.

Your doctor will also ask whether you are sensitive to needles or not. If you are, then he will give a numbing spray to the scalp to make the injection less painful.

After all, hair transplant surgeons are the experienced and trained people who can administer the procedure. You don’t have to worry anything when the experts handle it. As mentioned, you will be dispatched the same day of the surgery. But some people will need more days until they are ready to be released. Finishing this article, you will surely be able to answer the question “does hair transplant hurt?”

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