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    Does Hair Transplant Permanent?

    Once you get a permanent hair loss, then you’ve done with such medication or therapies, you need a permanent solution. Hair transplant is the only treatment that delivers the permanent result. Basically, hair transplant works by moving your existing hair to the balding area. More than 90 percent of male hair loss is caused by DHT hormone that triggers the hair to fall out. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which can only be conducted by the professional surgeons. The surgeon takes the graft supplies from the back or side of your head where the hair perform high resistant to the DHT hormone which allows the hair to not fall out for the rest of your life.

    Hair Transplant FUT FUE

    Today, there are two hair transplant methods including Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT. In FUT or stripped surgery, the surgeon harvests a strip of hair follicles from the back or side of your head. In FUE, the surgeon individually extracts the hair follicles one by one. The rest of the procedure is the same for both methods where the surgeon replanted the grafts to the balding area through small incisions previously made.

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    Why Does Hair Transplant Permanent?

    The permanent result of the hair transplant procedure is generated from where the hair is harvested. The back or side of your scalp is where the hair follicles are resistant to the DHT hormone which is the dominant factor in generating hair loss. It means, once the hair from a donor is transplanted, it would stay there forever. The transplanted hair won’t fall out as well as your native hairs. In other hands, the hair grafts are planted by considering an aesthetic and natural look.

    However, even though the hair growth is permanent, hair transplant can’t deal with the natural aging process. The transplanted hair will turn gray due to aging process along with the rest of your head hair. However, the graying process is often slower than your native hairs. You might enjoy the colored hair in the transplanted area for a longer time.

    What should be noted is that hair transplant can’t stop the hair loss progress caused by androgenetic alopecia. If you take the hair transplant procedure too early, it won’t stop the balding surrounding the transplanted area which generates aesthetic problems that require you to take another session at any time soon. The reputable doctors won’t recommend hair transplant for an earlier stage of hair loss, the may recommend you other treatments like medication with Propecia or minoxidil. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.