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The FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation is a standard technique used in a hair restoration or hair transplantation procedure. Strip procedure is the other name of it.

In this technique, the hair of the patient is transplanted in the hair groups of one to four strands. This section is namely follicular units. The follicular units contain glands, nerves, small muscle, and vellus hairs. These units help the surgeon to conduct the transplantation in appropriate and effective manners. In a single session, with the help of these units, the surgeon can transplant thousands of grafts. Not only to make the procedure quick, but this technique will also maximize the aesthetic result of the system.

The follicular unit transplantation is different from the conventional hair transplantation procedures that used larger grafts that made the results looked unnatural. That’s why the modern hair clinic won’t undergo the traditional process. For the patients, it is safe to assume that most modern hair clinics only use follicular unit transplantation technique to bring such successful result. The follicular unit transplantation has also been the most common hair restoration procedure carried by the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Drt Hair Clinic.

The follicular unit transplantation is the most prevalent because it enables the hair transplant to look more natural. The patients who undergo the hair transplant will walk on the street with peace of mind, without worrying that someone notices that they have been under the surgery. The hair transplant with follicular unit transplantation result looks natural. It will boost the self-esteem and satisfaction of the clients.

The other important thing to note about follicular unit transplantation is the effectiveness in minimizing the trauma to the scalp. It is probably the critical performance of the follicular unit transplantation. With the FUR, the new hair will grow from the healthy skin so that minimizing trauma is a crucial process. When you are released from the hair clinics, you will only experience the minor side effects at worst.

Last but not least, the FUT open the access to large hair transplant sessions. In the old times, patients will need to go back to the clinic to undergo the second procedure. But now, this repeat does not necessarily happen. The ability to perform a large hair transplant session eliminates the multi-sessions possibility. That means you need to be involved with the follicular unit transplantation procedure in one session, and then you don’t need to repeat the procedure for maximum results.

After finishing the procedure in the Drt Hair Clinic, you will be released in the next day and able to get back to your routine activity again.

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