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FUE Hair Transplant Price

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) is the modern hair transplant technique which offers a less invasive procedure. In most cases, FUE could cost up to 50% more than a striped procedure due to a more intensive work. The grafting process in the FUE involve the individual extractions of hair follicles. With an experienced hair surgeon, FUE may provide a more natural result.

Today, most surgeons recommend their patients with FUE hair transplant. It allows the patients to have a quicker and less painful healing time. The patients can get back to work within 7 days but post-procedure instructions should be strictly followed. The hair should grow within three months and you can appreciate the final result within a year. At this point, you can evaluate whether you need another session to improve the density or not.

The fue hair transplant price actually depends on three major factors including the surgeons, the number of grafts, and the number of sessions.

<strong>fue hair transplant price</strong>1. Surgeon

Assuming that you’ve chosen the FUE for your surgery, then the next task is to find the best FUE surgeon. At this point, you may have to fly to Turkey where the best FUE surgeons providing quality FUE surgery across the country. The famous FUE expert Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu actually provides the surgery in Istanbul. The surgeon is the critical aspect of the success of the FUE procedure. You can expect a natural result with such a competent surgeon. Don’t worry about fue hair transplant price in Turkey, it’s way cheaper than you can get in the UK or US.

2. Number of Hair Grafts

It’s not a secret that most hair clinics charge fue hair transplant price per graft. So, it’s pretty clear that the more grafts needed to transplant, the more likely you should pay for the procedure. In the UK or US, the average cost per graft could be up to $6. For example, if you need 2000 grafts to transplant, then you’ll have to pay $12,000 for the surgery. However, save up to 80% by taking the surgery in Turkey.

3. Number of Sessions

Since it involves individual extractions, the more grafts to transplant, the longer it takes to finish. A session can take up to 8 hours to finish. Otherwise, the surgeon may split the procedure into 2-3 three sessions. Some clinics charges fue hair transplant price per session or simply charge more for additional sessions. This would increase fue hair transplant price significantly. Get the quotes and accountable contracts for your surgery.

You can contact us page  for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu


Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is pioneer MD for Hair transplant procedures in Turkey. He is the one of the first doctor who established his own clinic and applied FUT Technique in 1996-1997. After a year in 1998, he practiced in and became a member of International Society5 of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

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