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    fue hair transplant procedure: What to Expect?

    Hair loss is a serious problem for most men since it affects their confidence. You can try various hair loss products available in the market and get some temporary result. However, male pattern baldness is a genetically driven which is actually incurable. Some products may halt and slow down the hair loss but in the end, what you need is the restoration solution. The only possible restoration solution can be gained through hair transplant surgery.

    The Follicular Unit Extraction or fue hair transplant procedure is the popular technique of surgery suggested by most surgeons nowadays. The fue hair transplant procedure works by extracting the hair follicles from the resistant area which is typically from the back or side of your head. The follicular units are then divided into smaller grafts and transplanted to the affected area.

    What to expect:

    fue hair transplant procedure fue hair transplant procedure FUE Hair Transplant Procedure fue hair transplant procedure 1 300x1871. Natural-Looking Appearance

    The fue hair transplant procedure focuses on restoring hair natural looking appearance. It’s because the surgeon can selectively extract the follicles based on the restoration plan of the hairline, temple, and crown. However, the result will depend on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Checking before and after photos could be an important step before picking a surgeon.

    2. Unchanged Donor

    Due to the less invasive procedure, the fue hair transplant procedure leaves an invisible trace. There is no slits and stitches involved in the fue hair transplant procedure so you won’t deal with any exposed linear scarring. The donor area is unchanged so you can have a very short hairstyle.

    3. Faster and Less Discomfort Recovery

    The fue hair transplant procedure allows you to have a faster and less discomfort recovery since you’re dealing with any linear wounds. You’re able to get back to your routine within weeks. However, you’ll have to strictly follow the instruction after fue hair transplant procedure during recovery time. Never follow temptations to scratch or rub the scalp especially during the first weeks.

    4. Hair Growth

    Two weeks after fue hair transplant procedure in your recovery time, the transplanted hair will start to fall. It’s a normal post fue hair transplant procedure where the hair enters the dormant phase due to shock, it’s also called shock loss. The hair will start to sprout within three months and you can appreciate significant hair growth 6 weeks after the surgery. The full results can be observed after one year while some additional treatments may be applied to optimize the hair growth including Platelet-Rich Plasma and/or medications.

    You can contact us page  for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.