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Fue Hair Transplant Recovery

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Hair Transplant Recovery: What You Should Know

After the surgery, the patients will enter fue hair transplant recovery for a few months. The healing process is quicker in FUE since it’s a less invasive method. There some minimal possibility of complications including bleeding, infections, bruises, itchiness, folliculitis, losing locks, swelling, and so forth. The key is to take the procedure in reputable hair clinics and strictly follow what should and shouldn’t be done during fue hair transplant recovery for several weeks.

Here are things you should know about fue hair transplant recovery:

Hair Transplant Prescription

The doctors may prescribe you several medications to support your fue hair transplant recovery period. These include antibiotics for preventing bacterial infections, analgesics for painkillers, and anti-inflammatory for relieving the soreness and inflammation of your scalp. You need to follow the prescription as well as take a proper rest during the recovery time and follow the post-procedure rules.

Hair Transplant Quick Recovery

The method allows you to have a quicker fue hair transplant recovery as you can go back to work less than three days as long as it’s not a heavy work. The slowest record of fue hair transplant recovery is about one week after the procedure. The quicker recovery is possible due to the fact that you’re not dealing with the stitching wound of the FUT or strip method.

Hair Transplant Minor Complications

You may experience a minor complication during the first three days including redness and/or small blood clots. However, don’t worry they would go away in a week. There are small risks of more severe complications in the fue hair transplant recovery period.

Hair Transplant Shedding

As the pain starts to go away, the transplanted hair will be shedding. However, it’s a normal and contemporary condition of the fue hair transplant recovery after the surgery. The hair simply enters the resting phase(telogen) which cause them to fall out. Within a few months, the shedding hair will be replaced with the new hair.

Hair Transplant Scabbing

The head scalp will experience scabbing and leave some dead skins there. It may be followed with unbearable itchiness, just don’t scratch it. The scabs will fall out leaving you with the tight and pink scalp. Tenderly massage the scalp during shampooing to remove all the scabs and dead skin cells.

Hair Transplant Full Recovery

A full fue hair transplant recovery is at 3 months after the procedure. It’s usually followed with new hair growth in the transplanted area. What should be noted is that during fue hair transplant recovery period you should not wash the scalp right after the procedure, not do exercise, be relaxed, not drink alcohol, and not apply any foreign solutions or chemicals on your scalp.

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