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Fue Hair Transplant Scars

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Are the FUE Hair Transplant Scars Repairable?

If you undergo the hair transplant procedure, chances are you will have the fue hair transplant scars after the surgery. The question is whether these are repairable or not.

There are two techniques of hair transplant procedure: FUT and FUE. Many hair clinics use the FUE technique because it has less impact than FUT. But what many people often misunderstand is that FUE is procuring scar. Many people mistake it with the method with zero injuries. That is a fatal mistake.

Like any other surgery, the FUE hair transplant indeed leaves the fue hair transplant scars. It is true that the FUE technique is noninvasive and painless. But it is wrong if some clinics claim that it won’t leave any scar. It is far from the point. You must be aware of the clinics who claim about zero fue hair transplant scars.

In the fue hair transplant scars, there will be tiny white spots on the donor site of the scalp. These scars are visible when the patient shave their hair entirely. So, you don’t have to worry. You can conceal the fue hair transplant scars solely with your hair.

The fue hair transplant scars do not come from the painful process. Of course, it will be lying off the professionals claim that the procedure is zero pain. If you notice some clinics claim such promises, you can be sure that they want to grab the attention in the market to encourage the patients to opt their service for profit gain.

The regular clinic will never hide the truth about the fue hair transplant scars and the possible side effects and complications after the hair transplant surgery. The Drt Hair Clinic, for instance, will let you know that the procedure will leave fue hair transplant scars. But the only painful process might be when you receive the anesthesia shots. For those who are sensitive about the chances, the surgeons will give you numb shots so that you don’t feel it.

The visible fue hair transplant scars in the donor part of the head are inevitable but concealable. Your doctor will give you useful advice and tips to deal with the matter. It might be sad to see these scars. But believe it that your struggle will be paid off. You may look worse at first, but you will notice the significant hair growth three months after the surgery. Meanwhile, you will want to take time for recovery and continue your activity.

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