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Can Follicular Unit Extraction Give Natural Fue Results?

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) is the second generation of hair transplant method. Unlike the striped method where the surgeon removes a skin from the permanent area, in FUE, the hair follicles are individually harvested. That’s why FUE offers a less invasive method where no slits and stitches needed. The rest procedure is the same for both methods. However, it’s still a question whether fue results are natural or not.

Short answer, yes, fue results are remarkably natural. It’s due to the fact that the natural or odd look has nothing to do with how the follicles are harvested. Instead, the natural fue results depend on these following factors

Hairline Restoration and Fue Results

The creation of hairline plays a key role in natural look which completely depends on the surgeon’s signature including skills and experiences. It’s tempting to make a lower hair transplant, a reputable surgeon won’t make it to low since the transplantation identity can be easily revealed and recognized. Instead, the surgeon would make it proportional by considering your age. The hair will remain there for the rest of your life, so making a proportional hairline is the key to fue results natural look.

Hair Grafts Implantation

It’s not only how low the hairline should be set, it’s also how many grafts should be implanted in there. In order to deliver natural fue results look, a reputable surgeon should implant one graft only to each hole made in the hairline. If there are more hair grafts implanted in the front hairline, then you’ll get a doll-like result. It’s due to the fact that normal hair is indeed thinner in the front, a natural look can be delivered as the surgeon follows this scenario.

Hair Grafts Selection

The hairline of fue results shouldn’t be straight, the surgeon should manage a natural “landscape”. the key is to make a gradation in density while the surgeon is implanting the hair grafts, from thinner to thicker. For example, behind the hairline, there is an area called frontal forelock which should be implanted with two or three hair grafts. It will create a higher density after the hairline.

Hair Supply

FUE result would be natural as long as you have sufficient hair donor supply. FUE is a prominent hair transplant method but it also seems to require a higher hair donor availability. It should be at least half of the normal density to create natural looks. So, the more you have available hair donor, the more natural FUE results you can get.

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