Fue Transplant Cost

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Fue Transplant Cost

Discussing fue transplant cost seems never to end. There are some misunderstandings of average fue transplant cost biased in the internet information. It should be noted that any average fue transplant cost is applied following the location of where the hair transplant is performed. For example, you may have to spend $ 3,000 to $15,000 if you take the procedure in the UK or US due to high living cost and NHS doesn’t cover it. In other hands, Turkey applies a way lower rate of fue hair transplant cost due to the lower living costs.

In fact, you might find that fue transplant cost may vary for each city and even clinic. It’s not a secret that clinic endorsing celebs or public figures may apply a more expensive fue transplant cost for sure but don’t actually represent the quality of the procedure. Despite differences, the fue transplant cost is influenced by technical aspects including technique, number of the grafts, and number of sessions.


You might have to choose between Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) or striped method and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) which determine fue transplant cost for sure. A hair transplant clinic usually offers a higher rate for FUE. It’s due to the fact that the surgeon individually extracts the follicular units from the donor area one by one. A single session of FUE hair transplant may take up to 8 hours to finish. It requires a specific skill to perform hair transplant, the surgeon should be specifically expert on FUE. That’s why fue transplant cost is more expensive than FUT.

2.Number of Grafts

Yes, the number of grafts determine fue transplant cost in most clinics. They usually charge your per grafts. The doctor will first assess the degree of your hair loss and the hair donor availability. From there, doctors can inform you of how many grafts needed to transplant. It seems that the more hair grafts you need to transplant, the more you should pay for the procedure. Usually, you’ll get the quotes prior to the procedure, right after the assessment.


Another technical that influence fue transplant cost is the number of sessions you need to fully restore your hair. If your restoration plan requires more than 3,000 grafts to transplant, then you might have to split the procedure into two sessions. Extra sessions would require an extra cost and if you take another session different year, it’s also possible that fue transplant cost rate would increase.

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