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Fue Turkey – Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Recently, many foreign visitors come to Turkey for the fue turkey in their medical tourism premises. It is not a new thing that people come to the countries for more than just beaches and bazaars. Turkey has been one of the top states to provide the hair transplant services. The state has been establishing the excellent reputation as the medical tourism destination, boasting the successful hair transplants industries. Most of the visitors are coming from the Europe and Middle East countries. But some of them also come from different parts of the world. The fue turkey is the technique which is available in more than 350 clinics in Istanbul alone. Even, did we mention that Istanbul is the center of the hair transplant industry in Turkey?

The hair clinics which perform fue turkey are often a better choice than the clinics in Europe because they offer more affordable services with the same result. For those who have been struggling with hair loss and male pattern baldness, the hair clinics fue turkey can be the best option for them. Keep in mind that the hair transplant will be the last option if the other hair treatments won’t work on your case. If you have been using some of the solutions but zero results, then it is probably the right time to consider to have a hair transplant in a trusted clinic like Dry Hair Clinic.

Turkey has become the home of affordable hair transplant, moreover because of the successful practices of fue turkey done by the experienced surgeons. There are tons of positive reviews from the satisfied clients. Most of them are international clients. One thing you should know about the fue turkey is that the procedure of hair transplant is not painful at all. The surgeons will give you a local anesthetic drug to ease the pain. Plus, you’ll be awake when the procedure happens. Although you feel uncomfortable, the process of hair transplant is not painful at all. The surgeon will give you the right dose of the anesthesia so that you won’t feel pain in the process. The surgery should take around 7 to 10 hours, depending on a few factors like grafts numbers, the surgeon’s method, the technical difficulties, and so on.

When you ask about the time of recovery, the fue turkey gives the patients a short time to recover. The hospital will release you the same day or, the next day after the surgery. You will be able to do your usual job in a week. However, you will only notice the significant growth of your new hair in the sixth month after the surgery. To know more about the hair transplant, consider contacting us by filling the form below.

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Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

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