Hair Loss Cure

Hair Loss Cure

In this page you will find detailed information about hair loss cure in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair loss cure please read the article. Both men and women are experiencing the common problem, hair loss. Most men will experience male pattern baldness while women will experience female pattern baldness. Hair loss or baldness or alopecia can be caused by various factors.

Male pattern baldness usually occurs in men as they enter the age of 50’s which is usually caused by genetics. Women can experience hair loss as they’re in pregnancy and post-partum period. Stress and other psychological conditions may potentially trigger the hair loss. As you do you grooming procedure or simply comb your hair, there will be signs of hair loss presences or not. Hair loss might be a natural process but the continuous ones should lead you to the specialist.

Hair loss can be a serious problem as its generated beyond the health condition, which can mean the permanent hair loss. Hair loss that usually occurs on the crown and hairline is usually triggered by hormonal imbalance. However, there are several your grooming habits that have big contributions to hair loss.

You can easily find various products for hair loss available in the marketplace including vitamin, medication, shampoos, solutions, and so forth. There are actually various options for hair loss cure including the prescribed ones. It’s actually an important task to find a proper hair loss cur for yourself. Hair loss cure isn’t a cure as it’s not proven to bring the result, here are the proven hair loss cures:


Minoxidil which was originally purposed to treat high-blood pressure, become the hair loss solution due to its side effect which stimulates excessive hair growth. As Hair loss cure, Minoxidil is treated as topical use. You can find it in the form of solutions or simply shampoo. Rogaine is the most famous brand of Minoxidil, it works by enlarging the hair follicles which allows a thicker hair growth. Minoxidil also triggers a further hair growth on your scalp.

However, the effectiveness of Minoxidil depends on how much sulfotransferase enzyme your body can produce. This enzyme is crucial for supporting the Minoxidil to work and collaboratively improving your hair growth. Minoxidil is a tested hair loss cure, so you can try it to overcome your hair loss problem.


Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H is actually the Biotin. It’s widely available in markets as supplements. Biotin shows a promising result for hair loss cure as it promotes hair and nail growth. Biotin plays a crucial role in generating keratin which forms hair, nail, and even skin. As hair loss cure, Biotin works by slowing down the progress of both male and female pattern baldness. It means that Biotin is clearly not a stand alone hair loss cure. Biotin as a supplement is water-soluble, there is no recommended doses nor overdoses, an excessive intake will be flushed from to body through urine.


Nizoral contains ketoconazole which was originally developed to overcome dandruff o the scalp. However, it also shows great influences on treating hair loss as it’s treated for topical use, shampoo. It works by soothing your scalp, overcoming inflammation, and the level of androgens that influence the hair growth. The excess sebum will be eliminated from your scalp by Nizoral. It can be used as stand-alone hair loss cure or as collaborative uses with Minoxidil or Propecia.

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It’s actually the other name of Vitamin B3 which is widely available markets or drug stores. Niacin works by widening the capillaries and improving the blood flow to your head scalp and hair follicles. You can observe the progress through Niacin flush, where you’ll find that your face turns red due to blood flow on its way to your scalp. The advisable dosage is 16 mg daily and treated as a supplement, excessive intakes of Niacin may lead to toxicity.


Nourkrin is an oral supplement which has been well known in hair loss treatments for a long time. Norukrin contains natural ingredients including fish oil, lectican, and leucine proteoglycans which are proteins. The ingredients are built into a compound called Marilex, which has been proven as the effective hair loss cure. Nourkrin is available in formulation variants including young, senior, Man, and postpartum. Special or Man version, Nourkrin also contain herbal composition including Acerola cherry extract that promotes supplies of multivitamins. As a supplement, Nourkrin works best in collaboration with Biotin and cod liver oil for hair loss cure.


Viviscal is a supplement which is inspired by indigenous people of Arctic regions as they had wonderful hair and skin. The research had found the fact that the amino-rich diet is the determining factor. However, Viviscal has been further developed for this past a quarter century. Now, Viviscal is now available in shampoo and supplement that can be used separately or collaboratively for hair loss cure.


It’s actually the latest of leading science-based company Oxford Biolabs which dedicated their innovation fight against baldness. TRX2 actually mimics the Minoxidil effects with L-carnitine-L-Tartare and potassium chloride which are actually naturally produced by your body. The deficiency of these compounds usually results in hair loss, especially male pattern baldness. As hair loss cure, TRX2 works through potassium ion channels stimulation in your hair follicles. The clinical test shows that the TRX2 treatment will provide an improvement to hair growth in 1-18 months.


It’s the generic name of the famous Propecia. Like minoxidil, Propecia was found to be an effective drug in promoting hair growth. Since 1997, Propecia is available in solution for hair loss cure. Now, you can also find the generic in the drugstores. However, Propecia only affects male pattern baldness as it has shown no effects on female hair loss except the placebo side effect. Men use Propecia may expect the hair loss reduction for about 30 percent. For your concerns, Propecia is reported to generate some side effects including sexual dysfunction. Consult your doctor before taking any Propecia or other Propecia generics. The best way to take Propecia as your hair loss cure is through prescription.