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The Available Treatments for Hair Loss Men

What is Hair Loss Men?

Hair loss men or well-known as male pattern men is a type of hair loss that affects the men which are preceded by a progressive thinning hair. The noticeable thinning usually starts from the temple and the receding hairline, the crown area will soon get thinner day by day. The extreme case of hair loss men usually affects all the temple and crown, leaving the very back and side of your head.

The Cause of Hair Loss Men

DHT hormones which are the conversion of the testosterone which mainly causes the androgenetic alopecia. The affected area is where the hair follicles are sensitive yet not resistant to the DHT hormones. The hair follicles get trapped in the resting phase(Telogen) and can’t move to the growth phase(Anagen). That’s why the affected scalp grows a smaller amount of hair in each hair growth cycle.

Treatments for Hair Loss Men

The genetic hair loss men are actually unstoppable and permanent. However, the hair loss men can occur temporarily due to nutrient deficiency, stress condition, medication, illness, diseases, and so forth. There are treatments that can treat each type of hair loss men and provide real results. Since there are too many hair loss products that claim to be effective but give you nothing, this article gives you the real ones.

1.Dealing with Nutritional Deficiency

When you’re on a specific diet and you’re experiencing the hair loss right after, then it should be a nutritional deficiency. It not only weakens your hair strands but also contributes to the thinning hair for sure, the initial sign of hair loss men. It apparently happens when you’re reducing the proteins and fats at the same time on your diet. Lack of vitamin B can affects the health of hair follicles which also means the hair growth.

Dealing with your nutritional deficiency may not fully restore your hair but certainly contributes to more healthy follicles that promote more hair growth. Before you think to take any medications, increase your protein and healthy fat intakes from natural ingredients. If you want to take supplements, choose the ones produced from natural food sources.

2.Laser Light Therapy

Once you go online you can easily find some hair clinics offers the therapy while the rest even offer you to buy your own laser device and do your own therapy for hair loss men. Does it even work? The answer is yes and no. It works at some points, it helps slowing down the hair loss men temporarily allows you to maintain your recent hair density for a moment. However, the therapy and the devices aren’t designed and not able to grow new hair in the affected area.

In other hands, not all people can commit to conducting the therapy every day with a quarter of hour duration for each session. This may suit the very initial stage of hair loss men. Regrowing your hair certainly needs another treatment.

No Shave Hair Transplant
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3.Limited Hair Treatment Products

There are very limited hair treatment products that can truly work including shampoo, conditioner, oils, and so forth. At some points, specific shampoo can contribute to slowing down hair loss men. However, like the laser therapy, they can’t stop the hair loss men or grow any new hair in the balding area. It should be noted that the use of these products for ongoing treatment can restore your hair, be wise in investing such products. Otherwise, you can consider consulting your hair loss men problem to a reputable trichologist to get a medical-based treatment.

4.Getting Medical Hair Loss Men Treatment

Trichologist is a dermatologist who is specifically trained to treat the scalp. Consulting your hair loss men is the perfect way to identify the causes. This is the crucial step to get a proper treatment which effectively deals with the root of your hair loss problem. The common medications mostly prescribed by the doctors are Finasteride and Minoxidil.


It’s available in several brands, FDA has approved this medicine due to a proven clinical test result. It blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT hormones. Lowering the DHT hormone is proven to slow down the hair loss men. In other hands, Finasteride is able to promote some hair growth in a collaborative application with the Minoxidil. However, some sexual dysfunction side effects become the considerable issue for many patients and the treatment should go on for the rest of your life to keep the result.


It’s actually not a prescribed medicine, you can easily find this FDA-approved substance in the market in many forms. Minoxidil is also clinically proven to slow down the hair loss men, maintain the existing hair, and even grow some new hair in the crown while the receding hairline can’t be restored. As well as Finasteride, Minoxidil requires a continuous application to maintain the result. It’s suggested to invest on the straight minoxidil to get the benefits.

5.Hair Transplant

Once your hair loss men are no longer progressive and if you want a permanent result instead of taking the medications for the rest of your life, taking a hair transplant procedure is the final solution. It’s a surgical procedure where the healthy follicles are taken from the back and side of your head and replant them to the balding area. the hair follicles will promote new hair growth in the balding area.

Gone are the days where the surgery was a painful experience and generated doll-like appearance. The methods have been developed while some hair clinics also utilize the grafting technology both motorized and robotic system. The Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) method is a less invasive method which allows you to have a less painful and quicker recovery time. In fact, hair transplant is the leading hair loss men treatment with the highest success rate both in stopping the baldness and promoting permanent hair growth.

Stalk other articles on this website to get more information about hair transplant. DrT hair transplant clinic has performed thousands of procedure with more than 20 years of experiences. You can also consult your hair loss men by filling the consultation form and get a permanent solution.

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