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Hair Loss Restoration Surgery

In this page you will find detailed information about hair loss restoration in detail and in a comprehensive way. Hair Loss is the common problem of men and women around the world. Almost half of the men in this world experiences he signs of baldness when they’re entering their 30s. When the signs of hair loss get noticeable, it significantly affects the appearances and looks. Hair loss can be a stressful experience for the sufferers. People are exciting with hair loss restoration and put their hopes there.

What Causes Hair Loss ?

Hair loss is the condition of balding experienced by your body especially your head scalp. There are many conditions of hair loss which can be caused by various factors. Most hair loss cases are generated by complex genetic factors. The common types of hair loss are androgenic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata.

Androgenic Alopecia

This type of hair loss affects the temple and crown of the scalp. It’s well known as pattern baldness, which is the most common hair loss problem. Male pattern baldness generates hairline receding. Women with Androgenic Alopecia experience the hair thinning.

Alopecia Areata

In other hands, Alopecia Areata is a type of baldness which affects the spotted area of the head scalp. It’s annoying since the spot baldness is usually unsolved while the surrounding area doesn’t experience the baldness at all.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Hair Loss Restoration

There is no exact cure for hair loss restoration, none can provide permanent result except hair transplant surgery. Hair loss restoration surgery works with moving your existing hair from the back or side of your head to the balding area. The surgeon harvest the healthy hair follicles from the area where the scalp performs high resistance to the DHT hormones, the main cause of pattern baldness.

Why More People Take Hair Loss Restoration Surgery?

Since hair loss restoration moves the healthy follicles, a natural hair growth will be promoted for the rest of your life. Hair restoration surgery doesn’t create new hair or use any prosthetic materials, your own hair follicles are the ones which promote the hair growth in the balding area. That’s why hair loss restoration surgery can provide a permanent result.

Other hair loss restoration includes the platelet-rich plasma(PRP), Laser therapy. Medications and so forth. However, hair transplant is the leading hair loss restoration which provides a permanent result. There are two methods of hair loss restoration including Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). The main difference between both methods is how the surgeon harvest the hair follicles from the donor area. Contact our customer service for further information about hair loss restoration surgery.

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