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    Why You Should Take Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

    Hair Loss is a global phenomenon and only has one final solution, the hair transplant. Istanbul is one of world’s leading destinations for hair transplant. It’s the capital city of Turkey which has a Billions Dollar of hair transplant industry and one of the biggest medical tourism destinations in the world. Istanbul is actually home to more than 350 clinics. Men with bandages on their head are the common view in the public spaces across the city. More than 5,000 hair transplant patients fly to Istanbul every year.

    Here are the reasons why you should take a hair transplant in hair of istanbul clinic facilities:

    <strong>hair of istanbul clinic</strong> hair of istanbul clinic Hair of Istanbul Clinic hair of istanbul clinic 11. The Surgeons

    The famous hair transplant expert, Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu actually domiciles and operates in Istanbul. He provide hair surgery in the Dr.T hair of istanbul clinic facility. He’s an international FUE expert, member of ISHRS, diplomate of ABHRS, and has more than 22 years of experiences. Along with colleagues, Dr. Tayfun has transformed Istanbul as the world’s center of hair transplant.

    2.  Procedure

    With such expert surgeons, you can get the best quality hair surgery on the planet. The hair of istanbul clinic has everything it needs to provide high quality procedure. It should be noted that the surgeons and the facilities are the key success to hair transplant surgery. All the procedures will meet all the International standards applied by ISHRS.

    3. Affordable

    It;’s not a secret that hair of istanbul clinic offering the procedure at very low price compared to the ones you can take in the UK or US. In such countries you may have to spend up to $15,000 for a hair restoration surgery. However, if you take the procedure in the hair of istanbul clinic facility like Dr. T hair clinic, you can save your money up to 80%. the hair of istanbul clinic averagely offer a hair transplant procedure for $2,000 -$4,000 depending how many grafts you need to transplant and the method. With such budget, you’ll get your surgery performed by famous and expert surgeon.

    4. Services and Accommodation

    The hair of istanbul clinic provide professional services for each patient who’re arranging their surgery. The staffs are very helpful and know what they do.They even offers accommodations included to the packages and prepare your arrival. Don’t worry about your comforts during your stay in Istanbul, the hair of istanbul clinic offers personalized services.  

    Consult your hair loss with Dr.T Hair Transplant Clinic Istanbul and plan your arrival with our staff now. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.