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Hair Regrowth Solution: JAK Inhibitors and CsA?

People with hair loss are taking hair transplant surgery due to the permanent hair regrowth solution it can provide. The existing drugs are considered not reliable to be hair regrowth solution. The only two FDA-approved hair loss cures are finasteride and minoxidil. They’re prescribed to halt and slow the progressive balding until the patients are eligible to take the hair transplant surgery. The procedure can’t be taken for ongoing pattern baldness. Other drugs or medications show no results as hair regrowth solution.

The recent development of medications involving the names of Janus Kinase(JAK) inhibitor and Cyclosporine A. JAK inhibitor has the long way in development to be a promising hair regrowth solution. In other hands, CsA has a similar story with the finasteride and minoxidil where a non-hair loss medication is “coincidentally” transformed into one. You may wonder whether they’re simply hair regrowth solution or not.

JAK Inhibitors

JAK inhibitors have been tested to the mice. It shows an interesting result where it interferes the telogen phase to promote hair growth in the mice. JAK inhibitors work with improving the follicles from the telogen phase to the anagen phase, the resting phase to growth phase. This works will greatly deal the Androgenetic Alopecia. In this type of baldness, the hair is held in the resting phase. The topical application of JAK inhibitors will apparently become a hair regrowth solution. There is no information about how JAK inhibitors can prospectively deal with other types of baldness including Alopecia Areata.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

In other hands, a long-term drug is being developed under the name of CsA which may replace the existing hair loss drugs. It was formerly used to suppress the autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection. However, the drug apparently stimulates side effect including excessive-unwanted hair growth on the patients. The development includes how the CsA contributes to the tissue regeneration and obviously hair follicles. However, CsA needs to enter a long clinical trial to ensure the effectiveness and human safety. It may take longer than JAK inhibitors to be available in the market.

We can conclude that both substances are not hair regrowth solution yet. You may wonder how the progress in the following years. However, hair transplant surgery is the obvious hair regrowth solution available right now. It offers a full restoration with a permanent result. We have tons of article contain complete information about hair transplant. However, if you want a direct information contact our customer service now or fill the form to consult your hair loss problem.

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