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Hair Regrowth Treatment

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The Possible Future of Hair Regrowth Treatment

If you are looking for the hair regrowth treatment, then you have come to the right place because we are going to discuss this deeply here. When it comes to hair falling and loss which happens mostly to men, the seeking of the treatments have never ended. Well, the seeking of the new treatments is hoped to result in the fruitful solutions for many people. Here, we are going to discuss some of the prospective ways of hair regrowth treatment.

Tregs Improvement

There has been no baldness significant cure so that surgery is often chosen by many. But actually, ones can take the preventative measure by focusing on the regrowth treatment. The new baldness cause has been found by the scientists.

Long story short, the hair loss condition culprit can be the defective cells in the hair. This finding is indeed a breakthrough since now scientists will be able to locate the problems that most men have by far. This can develop the new way of hair regrowth treatment.

The researchers claimed that they found something interesting about the anti-inflammatory immune cells called Tregs . when they removed the Tregs from the mice skin, they monitored the effects of the shaved parts. The result was shocking. The hair failed to grow back. They expected that the stem cells will procure the hair regrowth, but then the team found out that this would only happen if the mice still had the Tregs.

So, what does it mean?

The immunologist and rheumatologist who was involved with the research explained that the hair follicles are naturally recycling. So, when the hair falls out, the whole hair follicle is supposed to grow back. It was expected that this would naturally happen because of the stem cell-dependent process. Turned out that Tregs existence is important. If this one immune cell type is gone, the hair won’t just regrow. To conclude, Tregs do not only guard the stem cells but also works in the regenerative procedure.

The stem cells really need the Tregs aids to start regenerating. With this fact, the researchers also come to agree that Tregs can be responsible for the immune problem. The immune problem name is alopecia areata,

If your doctor finds the Tregs fallout as the root problem, then the hair regrowth treatment can be easier to be conducted. Tregs are meant to regulate the immune system. This aids the immune system to react to the attacks. When you lose Tregs, you will lose something to tell your immune system to fight against the attack.

The researchers who removed the Tregs were convinced that this prevented the hair regrowth. But this the hair will regrow normally after at least three days. Although it is not the absolute root of the hair loss, the scientists believe that boosting the Treg function will do the great result in the hair regrowth treatment.

The deeper research about the Tregs will be done by the same team so that this would uphold the best of the hair regrowth treatment.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP

The PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is counted as the new method of the hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. Platelet Rich Plasma is considered as the new procedure for the hair regrowth treatment which is considered as the best alternative for those who are not attaining the benefits from the conventional method of treatment.

Although the aesthetic for the procedure is still in early phase, the doctors have proven the successful result of the hair restoration as well as the skin rejuvenation.

The PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is proven to be effective in curing the damaged skin, thinning hair, and hair loss. There have been significant numbers of cases which lead to the successful result, thanks to this procedure. The patients who underwent this procedure claimed to be satisfied with the result. There is no significant lines or wrinkles. And more importantly, they can take the benefits from this hair regrowth treatment.

So, what is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, anyway? Platelets are the pivotal component in the human blood. These are the best known for clotting when the body bleeds. For decades, the platelets have been used to centrifuge in the effort to boost the healing ability of the human body.

The relation is very close. It was then proven that the platelets hold an important role in the hair regrowth treatment. These will give the instruction to the human tissues to regenerate. The good platelets can promote the healing process in every part of the body, for sure. Now the practitioners are confident with the PRP Procedure for the hair regrowth treatment and hair thickening process. Often, this is also offered in order to restore the beautiful skin of yours. Moreover, the PRP treatments do not come with the shortcoming.

The successful hair restoration comes to Istanbul, Turkey, as well. The Drt Clinic which holds the board of certified physician specializing in the hair care also provide the procedures to the patients who want to undergo the procedure. The hair regrowth treatment from PRP is indeed the method which you can consider to achieve such satisfying result.

For what’s worth, the cure for baldness does now exist. The specialists and practitioners in Drt Hair Clinic are ready to help you with the problem and will find out the best hair regrowth treatment for you. So, don’t hesitate to reach our customer service now to know future about the detail.

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