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Hair Restoration Treatment

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Newest Hair Restoration Treatment: Stem Cell Technology?

In this page you will find detailed information about hair restoration treatment in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair restoration treatment please read the article.

It has been in the media for the recent years that stem cell technology may be used in the hair restoration treatment. The stem technology is developed by the scientist due to the discovery of the stem cell role in regenerating skin and hair follicles. Hair restoration treatment. The hair follicles of the balding scalp are actually trapped in the telogen phase (resting) for the rest of your life. The stem cells can potentially regenerate the hair follicles and reactivate them by pushing the resting follicles to Anagen phase. This way a new hair growth can be promoted without a surgery.

Today, the best result of hair restoration treatment can be only provided by hair transplant surgery. The stem cell technology is now used as the post-treatment of hair transplant surgery, not a standalone treatment. By far, the stem technology doesn’t replace hair transplant surgery. The stem cell-based treatment called Regenera Activa is actually a “minor” hair transplant where a small amount of samples is taken and activated. For further information, a sub-paragrap explains hair restoration treatment.

Regenera Activa VS Regular Hair Transplant As Hair Restoration Treatment

Regenera Activa works by taking stems cells sample. You’ll get a local anesthesia before the surgeon takes the sample. The procedure doesn’t intend to strip or extract many hair follicles. The harvested sample actually contains up to 100,000 mesenchymal stem cells which will be injected with the regenerative activator kit to the balding scalp. The procedure may take 10 minutes to finish but you’ll have to wait until 6 months to see the result.

In other hands, the regular hair transplant surgery is a reputable hair restoration treatment. It works by moving the healthy follicular units from the permanent area to bald scalp. Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) is the leading method where the surgeon harvests the follicles one by one. This method is less invasive than the strip method and leaves no linear scarring. While the other treatments provide a temporary result, hair transplant provides the permanent one.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

The Regenera Activa is a considerable treatment as the stem cells technology is widely developed by scientist around the world and is experimentally applied in some treatments. Since it generates no side effects, then you can try such treatments. However, if you’re thinking about the real and permanent result, the hair transplant procedure is the best hair restoration treatment by far. Contact our customer service now and consult your hair loss and get the best hair restoration suggestion for you.

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