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Hair Transplant After 1 Month

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What to Expect from Hair Transplant after 1 Month?

Although you will be discharged from the hospital the same day of the surgery, your recovery time will be much longer than that. You will notice that the swells are healed one or two weeks after the surgery.

You may or may not see the significant result of hair transplant after 1 month. Many people saw nothing when they notice the hair transplant after 1 month. Hold up. Don’t worry about it.

Now it is essential to understand about what to expect from hair transplant after 1 month. You will need to know the facts so that you will realize about what is normal and what is not.make sure you to consult with your hair transplant surgeon if you are not sure about your condition.

In the first few days, you will notice the redness. As the days go by, you will also see some scabs on your scalp. In one month after the surgery, there is no significant hair growth that you can expect. That’s why it is completely normal if you don’t see a single hair to grow on your scalp in the hair transplant after 1 month. In fact, it takes six months to a year to see the significant hair growth.

At this point, there is nothing you can do about it. You need to wait. Many people who are in this phase are worried. If you feel the same way, it is understandable. When you check yourself up with your doctor, he would say that everything is normal. Your hairs need time to get back to the regular cycle after grafting. It is like when you plant something in your garden. You won’t notice anything until one time the first bud appears.

Although you notice anything, the follicles are growing. So, there is nothing to worry about. Indeed, you will lose all your hairs after surgery. Your doctor will tell you about this. You will lose your transplanted hair as well as some of the donor hair transplants after 1 month. In fact, your hair may look worse before it even gets better. Don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor for a recheck if you are worried about this condition.

In the sixth month, you will notice the significant hair growth, and it will improve every month up to about 12 months. A year after the surgery, your hair growth rate will be completely normal. The hair transplant after 1 month is the very early phase of your journey.

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