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Hair Transplant After 2 Months

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What Happen on Hair Transpant after 2 Months

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant after 2 months in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair transplant after 2 months please read the article. Hair transplant is undoubtedly the popular hair loss treatment that dominates the US$ 3,5 billion market a year. Hair transplant has been developed through years and reported to provide promising results. Previously, people rely only on medication for their hair loss problem which is full of uncertainty especially in terms of regrowing new hair. Generally, you can see the progress of Hair transplant after two months as you can see the follicles are growing new hair.

If you’re planning on taking hair transplant then you want to know the progress of hair transplant after 2 months. Here are what could happen on hair transplant after 2 months:

  1. The hairs are starting to sprout especially in the frontal hairline and crowd. However, the new hairs aren’t dense yet, but you can still recognize the new hair growth shaping the edge.
  1. It’s possible that the original hairs which had been stripped or harvested from the donor area and replanted in the balding area never fell out. Some people experience a superb growth of original replanted hairs.
  1. It’s true that some people experience not growing original replanted hair, it’s just stuck there. In such case, you can pluck them to allow your hair follicles regrowing from the start. It’s possible that the original hairs don’t perform same progress. Some of them might grow for the first time but the rest need plucking. In such case, you can pluck only those which show no growth. However, if you’re still patient, it’s suggested to wait until the third month to see whether the hairs regrowing or not.
No Shave Hair Transplant
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  1. Hair transplant after 2 months may leave the transplanted area remains red or pink. It’s actually normal, but at this period it should be less noticeable as the new hair is regrowing. The hairline should be clearly edged even though it might show redness.
  1. At this point, you gain the initial signs of natural looks of hair transplant after 2 months including the hairline and crown even though they’re not perfect yet. Some people are already confident on this progress as they aren’t bothered to show up in various social meetings. Of course, you can adjust your hair cut to support the balance of overall appearance.The progress of hair transplant after 2 months may vary for each person. However, if you don’t experience any positive signs of progress, consult your trichologists or doctors.  

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