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Hair transplant blog and Fixing Hair Growth Rate Issues after Hair Transplant Surgery

If you have been following some hair transplant blog posts, you might come across the information about the hair growth rates that you can expect from the hair transplant. In Drt Hair Clinic hair transplant blog, the specialists aim to update the developments and technology which can be influencing the best hair growth rate for the patients.

When you look at the stories in the hair transplant blog, we can agree that the development has been up and running from time to time, although only a few people realize it. If you haven’t known it yet, the primary concern of the hair transplants is the growth-survival rate of the implanted hairs.

According to the Drt Hair Clinic hair transplant blog, Dr. Tayfun stated that the poor hair follicle survival rate could happen because of lack of oxygen. He described it as the post-operative ischemia. It is different from other organ transplants.

During the recovery time, each graft implanted takes several days to build a capillary network. In this phase, the hair follicles are passive in absorbing the oxygen. Drt Hair Clinic found this issue and shared the perspective in their hair transplant blog. But thanks to the great team of development, Drt Hair Clinic can overcome this issue. So, if you or your friend have any question about it, make sure to follow the hair transplant blog to keep up with the latest information.

The best approach to tackle the hair growth problem is by using the ATP or adenosine triphosphate to ensure the oxygen absorption is improved in the grafted hair follicles. When the oxygen absorption is optimized, the patients can expect the best hair growth rate.

The hair transplant blog will be the original information that you can follow so that you will convince yourself that the hair transplant procedure is still the top choice amongst the other alternatives.

Drt Hair Clinic also manages to procure the dense packing on the frontal region in the surgery. With the dense packing, the natural look of your hair will be attained easily. This will involve small incisions on the recipient area and smaller grafts. It is often called as micro FUE. It is just the same with FUE; the only difference is that the surgeons will use the smaller grafts. Although it is not always used in the surgery, your doctor may suggest it if you have a problem with your hair growth.

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