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Hair Transplant Cost in Usa: The US vs Turkey

Cost is one of the leading consideration as you’re going to take a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant cost in usa is actually determined by several factors including the amount of the grafts needed to be transplanted and where you’ll take the procedure. As most hair clinics charge you per graft, each country has its own price rate of hair transplant cost in usa.

There were times where American and Western European countries take the leading role in hair transplant cost in usa market. They’re considered to be able to deliver quality, safe, and secure hair transplant cost in usa procedure. Today, those countries should compete with competitive competitors from Asia and Eastern European countries which offer growing quality hair transplant at a more affordable price.

Turkey has been the leading country of hair transplant pursuing the UK and US. Turkey’s hair transplant cost in usa market worth $1 billion which occupied almost 25 percent of total global worth. The main attractions are the low price, professional surgeon, and high-quality procedure. While hair transplant cost in usa averagely $20,000 per procedure, it would be only $4,000. Even though you have to add the accommodation into the calculation, it still undercharges you. hair transplant cost in usa may be different for each state, but it won’t go far from that number.

hair transplant cost in usa is so high due to the high living cost while Turkey has a lower living cost. In other hands, the growing market for hair transplant in Turkey has been supported by the government through regulations and facilities. No less than 350 certified hair clinics are available in Istanbul, solely. Looking for a hair transplant clinic in Turkey is pretty much like looking for a cafe, they’re almost everywhere. Speaking of which, there are more hundred non-certified clinics which illegally operates.

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Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

If you find hair transplant cost in usa is too high and you want to get a more affordable price without sacrificing the quality, then you should take a flight to Turkey. You’re not alone, Turkey has been a major destination of medical tourism since the 2000s. Hundred thousands of people flight to Turkey for a medical visit while about ten percent seeking for quality hair transplant.

Dr.Tayfunhair transplant cost in usa clinic is located in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. With a 20-years experience, we offer a high-quality hair transplant delivered by our certified surgeons and physicians. Contact our customer support now for more information and reservation.

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