In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant turkey cost in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair transplant turkey cost please read the article. hair loss is actually the biggest problem concerned by most men. Turkey has responded this matter very well. Turkey becomes one of the biggest yet the best player in hair transplant business. In a month, thousands of patient fly to Turkey for hair transplant. Here are the reasons why Turkey hair transplant worth your flight and time:

In the following paragraph, detailed information about the hair transplant turkey cost is given in a comprehensive manner.

1- Quality

The common hair transplant procedure run in Turkey is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. Actually, the surgeons of Turkey have been researching and training on FUE since decades ago before the Europe and US did. Turkey has many surgeons expert on FUE who have more than two decades hair transplant experience. In fact, the surgeon has contributed to FUE development which becomes the leading hair transplant treatment in the worlds beating the medications or other therapies.  For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant turkey cost.

2- Proven Result

The professional handling of FUE procedure leads to real results. Turkey hair transplants result in dense hair growth and natural appearance. You’ll find that there is no instant hair transplant in Turkey, the expert surgeon avoids any rushing procedure to ensure the quality. FUE conducted by turkey surgeons has generated a proven result in various patients around the world as you can check it on the photo and video footages. The growing market for hair transplant in Turkey is actually encouraged by the proven result of the procedure conducted by expert surgeons in this country. For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant turkey cost.

3- Competitive Price

As you’ve researched the hair transplant prices in those continents, you’ll soon know the big differences. The hair transplant in UK and United States may cost you up to 15,000 pounds. Turkey has more affordable price rate which allows you to have a professional and complete hair transplant cost turkey procedure for 1,800 – 3,400 pound. It’s only about 10-15 percent of the average US and UK hair transplant average price rate. Even though you include the accommodation fee such as flight, hotel, transport, meals, and other expenditure while you’re in Turkey, it’s still way affordable anyway.For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant turkey cost.

hair-transplant-costHair Transplant Cost in Usa: The US vs Turkey

There were times where American and Western European countries take the leading role in hair transplant cost in USA market. They’re considered to be able to deliver quality, safe, and secure hair transplant cost in USA procedure. Today, those countries should compete with competitive competitors from Asia and Eastern European countries which offer growing quality hair transplant at a more affordable price.

Turkey has been the leading country of hair transplant pursuing the UK and US. Turkey’s hair transplant cost in USA market worth $1 billion which occupied almost 25 percent of total global worth. The main attractions are the low price, professional surgeon, and high-quality procedure. While hair transplant cost in USA averagely $20,000 per procedure, it would be only $4,000. Even though you have to add the accommodation into the calculation, it still undercharges you. hair transplant cost in USA may be different for each state, but it won’t go far from that number.

Hair transplant cost in USA is so high due to the high living cost while Turkey has a lower living cost. In other hands, the growing market for hair transplant in Turkey has been supported by the government through regulations and facilities. No less than 350 certified hair clinics are available in Istanbul, solely. Looking for a hair transplant clinic in Turkey is pretty much like looking for a cafe, they’re almost everywhere. Speaking of which, there are more hundred non-certified clinics which illegally operates.

If you find hair transplant cost in USA is too high and you want to get a more affordable price without sacrificing the quality, then you should take a flight to Turkey. You’re not alone, Turkey has been a major destination of medical tourism since the 2000s. Hundred thousands of people flight to Turkey for a medical visit while about ten percent seeking for quality hair transplant.

Dr.Tayfun hair transplant cost in USA clinic is located in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. With a 20-years experience, we offer a high-quality hair transplant delivered by our certified surgeons and physicians. Contact our customer support now for more information and reservation.

The Cost of an FUE Hair Transplant in London

It is true that the average cost of hair transplant uk can be determining factor in proceeding the hair transplant surgery. When it comes to the value, you will probably need to struggle because not all hair clinics in the UK want to disclose the details of the price. However, you will get the average cost of hair transplant uk information when you come in for a consultation.

Even though it may vary for different clinics, you can calculate estimated hair transplant cost. You can use the Norwood scale to determine how many grafts you will need for your hair transplant in the UK. The hair transplant averagely costs you £2.50 per hair graft harvested and transplanted. If you’re suffering from initial hair loss, like Norwood’s hair loss 1, the procedure will cost you £3,000 – £9000. If you’re at a severe hair loss, like Norwood’s hair loss 2, the hair transplant will cost you £5000 – £15,000. In fact, you the procedure may require more than 5000 grafts to transplant which may cost you up to £24,000.

How About Hair Transplant Thailand Cost?

Percentage of savings you can get hair transplant thailand cost might not convince. Let’s see how much dollars you can save with hair transplant thailand cost compared the ones in your home. As well as in most countries, hair clinic would charge you per graft instead of per session. A hair transplant surgery in Thailand can cost you as cheap as US$900 and it may increase following the number of grafts you need to transplant. It’s very affordable and the best solution especially when you need a lot of grafts to transplant. However, it also depends on what techniques you’ll take and you need to include the ticket flight, accommodation, and other expenses into your calculation. 

hair-transplant-cost-and-pricesHow Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

It is one of the most common questions often asked. Chances are you have been looking for the information on the internet. Well, it is the fairest question to ask since you can’t have hair transplant which you can’t afford.

To decide the hair transplant cost, it will depend on certain factors.

The Pricing Factors

As mentioned, the price will depend on the customization of the patients. This section will examine the factors and explain to you how these factors affect the pricing.

How Much The Hair That Will Be Transplanted?

It is a no.1 consideration when deciding the price of the hair transplant procedure. Most reputable clinics in Turkey will charge by the graft while some will charge per session. Charging per sessions can be broken down into the small sessions, medium sessions or large sessions. The good thing about choosing cost per graft is that you will pay for exactly the number of grafts that are transplanted by the practitioners. The math is simple. The more grafts that they provide, the more you will need to pay. Drt Hair Transplant Clinic will inform you how much you need to pay for a certain number of grafts.

Cost Per Hair Model

It is the method that can be used when the practitioners assess the cost per hair model. This approach literally charges the patient per hair. The good thing about this method is that there is no need for extraction since both FUSS and FUE techniques will result in follicular unit grafts which are being prepared, examined and counted. Per hair model will involve the separation of the follicular units.

Then the grafts are prepared for the procedure. The patient will be given the bill that can appear more friendly. Being charged between a bill for 3000 grafts and a bill for 7000 hairs at the same price will be different. So, when compared to the graft pricing model, the per hair model can appear to be “more”.

In Drt Hair Transplant Clinic, the practitioners will be completely open about the services included in the prices. There will be no issue with the questionable per hair or graft counts because you will be given the method to verify the counts of the hair.

A hair transplant clinic may charge you thousands of dollars for the procedure. The hair transplant surgery cost is actually determined by several factors:

1. Where You Take the Procedure Determine the Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

If you’re taking the procedure in the UK or US, you may spend more than US$ 10,000 for Hair Transplant Surgery Cost. You may also have to prepare additional budget for flights and accommodations. It would be super expensive since the living cost in these regions is certainly high. However, if you take the procedure in Turkey, you’ll save 80-90 percent due to a0 lower living cost.

2. The Methods Determine the Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

The stripped method or Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) is cheaper than extraction method or Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). However, FUE is a less invasive method which involves no stitches. If you’re deciding to take the procedure in Turkey, consider to spend more on FUE, it’s still affordable.

3. The Reputation and Skill Of the Surgeon Determine the Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

You get what you pay. If you’re taking the procedure in Turkey, then you won’t sacrifice the quality. Look for the best surgeon in Turkey won’t make you broke, the rate in this country is very reasonable yet affordable. Dr. Tayfun is one of the best who operates in Istanbul.

4. How Many Grafts Need to Transplant Determine the Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

Most hair transplant clinics charge you per grafts. The more grafts need to transplant, the more you need to pay. the basic idea is to look for the reasonable rate per graft. You may split the procedure into two sessions if you want to pay less. However, you wouldn’t have to do that if you’re taking the procedure in Turkey. You can get your hair fully restored at a very affordable price. For further information, a sub-paragrap plains Hair Transplant Surgery Cost.

5. Additional Costs Determine the Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

A flight ticket to US or UK may cost you the same with the whole procedure in Turkey. Dr. Tayfun offers best hair transplant surgery cost with bundling packages which include the flight tickets and accommodations. Fill the form and contact our customer service for reservation.  You know, before and after photos are very important. You can see detailed pre and post photos about hair transplant surgery cost by clicking on the pre and post button on the page.

How Much is a Hair Transplant Cost Based on Your Options?


You will pay nothing if you are not the right candidate to conduct the hair transplant. Of course, you will apply for it, consult with the surgeon. There will be no cost for the procedure since it is not done. However, you may need to prepare $100 or more for consultation fee. You can also get the free consultation in Drt Hair Transplant Clinic.

$30,000 or As Much As You Want

You will have the liberty to get multiple hair transplants. That can happen if you have passed the evaluation. You will want to perform multiple hair transplants over the years to maximize the result. Well, it is your right.

As Your Budget

For the budget conscious, Drt Hair Transplant Clinic gives the clients freedom to set their own budget. Funds might be an issue for you. It is not a big deal. You don’t have to get it all done at once. What makes the procedure more expensive is usually the number of grafts that the patient receive. The procedure can be started with minimum 500 grafts. That means you can start with as little as them or more and come back to Istanbul a few years later when you have an available budget. For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant cost.

hair-transplant-cost-turkeyFrontal Hair Transplant Cost

If you only have hair loss problem in the front of your head, you might wonder the frontal hair transplant cost before proceeding the hair transplant. The answer will be depending on the clinic you choose. The variations will also depend on how many grafts involved in the hair transplant procedure. In this case, the prices can be higher if your surgeons use more grafts and hair follicular units to undergo the hair transplant.

The usual frontal hair transplant cost can be $411 to $4000 depending on the number of the hair required, clinic’s rate, experts, and the other factors. The best thing to do to get the closer estimation is by discussing it with your doctor. The Drt Hair Clinic, for instance, will dispatch the representative to talk with you about anything, including the frontal hair transplant cost that you could consider. You can also read more information from their profiles. The good thing here is that the frontal area of each can be different. Not to mention that you can choose the right deals that are suitable for your current budget. As we know, the price can be the determining factor when it comes to the hair transplant procedure. The doctor will assess your existing photos and come up with the unbiased estimation.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

The artas robotic hair transplant system is the most technologically advanced and sophisticated device to be introduced to the field of hair restoration. The systems utilizes image-guided robotics and amazing algorithms to better manual hair transplant methods. The physician-assisted technology has fully revolutionized the industry with its unparallel results and performance.

As an Artas center of clinical excellence, hair restoration is keen to providing the new and most innovative treatment for hair loss.

Artas Advantages

Artas hair restoration cost provides advantages to both women and men looking to restore the hair.

Some of the Artas benefits contain:

  • No scarring
  • No stitches, scalpel, or suturing
  • Minimally invasive hair transplant procedure
  • Clever algorithms
  • Improved digital imaging
  • Preview potential outcomes before the procedure
  • Precision robotics that give accuracy and speed
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Delivers highest standard of grafts in a one session
  • Indentifies the top hair follicles for harvesting
  • Natural-looking, fuller outcome that last

Hair Grafting Cost For Average

Despite the number of grafts, there are several factors which may influences hair grafting cost for average. These may include the overall complexity of your hair condition. For those reasons, a set of tests may be conducted to ensure your eligibility for the procedure. They’re crucial to building a possible restoration scenario based on the donor availability. That’s why you can take the procedure as your hair loss is still progressive.

Each person is a special case of hair transplant, that’s hair grafting cost tend to be relative for each person. However, if we take the cost per graft as the fixed variable we can calculate hair grafting cost after multiplying it with certain amounts of the graft. In the UK, hair grafting cost starts from £3,000(500 grafts) up to £15,000(7000 grafts). The procedure would be split into two sessions as you need more than 3,000 grafts to transplant. A prior consultancy may give you the information about the estimated grafts needed to transplant, a further test will get you closer to the exact number.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost? Location Estimated Price

  • USA: $8000 – $12000
  • Canada: $7000 – $9000
  • Europe: $5000 – $8000
  • Indian: $500 to $1500
  • Australia: $5000 – $9000
  • Japan: $1500 to $3000

3500 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost

In countries like UK or US, the hair clinic charges you from $4 to $8 per graft. In Turkey, you need only to spend $1.5 per graft. So, you can imagine how much you can save for 3500 grafts hair transplant cost if you take the procedure in Turkey. In most cases, you can save up to 80% for a hair transplant in Turkey.

Best for Great Number of Grafts

Most hair transplant clinics in the world would charge you per grafts instead of per session. The 3500 grafts hair transplant cost would be too expensive if you take the procedure in the US or UK. You can spend up to $28,000 for 3500 grafts hair transplant cost in those countries. In other hands, you may only spend up to $5,250 in Turkey with the same quality.

Giant Market

Turkey is actually one of the world’s leading hair transplant players in the world worth more than $1 billion per year. Each month, there are more than 6000 hair transplant procedures performed in Turkey including 3500 grafts hair transplant cost for sure. You can imagine how the business chain works. It won’t disappoint you.

2000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost

There are exceptions to this problem where some clinics do still restrict their number of surgeries to one patient a day and the doctor is very involved in the procedure with moderate use of technicians. The trend anyway is for multiple patients to be operated on each day by two, 3 or even 4 “terms” of technicians with 1 or 2 doctors making recipient site incisions for eventual graft placement. In North American just FUE range from $5.00 per graft on the low end to $12.00 on the higher end.

The average is $7.00 TO $8.00 per graft. In West the price range from €3.00 per graft to €8.00 per graft with the average being €4.00 to €6.00 per graft. FUSS in Europe is not performed closely as often as in North American but the pricing is similarly deceased matched to local FUE pricing.

1500 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost

To answer the question about the 1500 grafts hair transplant cost that you could consider, the answer will vary from one clinic to another. in the US and UK, you can expect to pay from $3,000 to $6,000 per 1500 grafts. But in the leading country of the hair Transplant, Turkey, you will only need to pay around $1,000 to $3,000 per 1500 grafts. Some hair Clinics even offer more affordable prices. But don’t get it wrong. The cheaper alternatives do not mean the poor service. The 1500 grafts hair transplant cost is more accessible because of the low price of lifestyle in Turkey. Not to mention that every surgeon charges a different amount. That will depend on their method and technology they used as well.

1000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost

This is one of the most important factors for hair implant surgery. More the area of baldness will be bigger it will need proportionate number of grafts for implantation. Planning grafting area and its hair follicle need is one of the big points in the full course of process. If the area is baldness is found placed on the frontal portion of the head it is simple to implant hair from other parts of the body provided the standard of body hair matches with hair on scalp. Depending on the focus area of the implant surgery the 1000 hair grafts cost is forever decided.

In case of artificial hair implanting, standard of the hair strands decides the hair restoration surgery cost. Different kinds of artificial hairs are accessible with may cost $3-$6. Anyway, when there is an area wise grafting, most of the doctors/clinics provides a 1000 hair grafts cost estimated. Additionally, the facility or the office where the surgery will be done also decides the price for the hair implant surgery.

hair-transplant-cost-istanbul500 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost

The average hair restoration method transplants 500 to 3,000 grafts. Remember, each of these grafts contain about one to four hairs. Most hair restoration clinics will charge $3 to $12 per graft. This outcome is an average cost of $4,000 to $10,000. Mega transplant sessions with 2,500 grafts will range upwards of $12,000. Most people pay about 500 grafts hair transplant cost.

There are lots of factors that contribute to the final cost of amount. The hair clinic, the expertise and experience of the surgeon, how many 500 grafts hair transplant cost, number of sessions, and a number of factors will affect the price. Paying for grafts will bring the average cost per graft down. I Additional, the type of hair you will have will replace the cost. Hair type (curly, straight, wavy) standard (thickness), and color will change the number of grafts needed.

  • Average cost of hair transplant surgery: $8,000
  • Average cost per graft: $7.00
  • Full average grafts number per surgery: 2,000

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