Hair Transplant Disadvantages

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What are hair transplant disadvantages

As the leading hair loss solution, you may wonder whether a hair transplant has disadvantages or not. Hair transplant actually has some issues regarding the eligibility, invasive method, and price. Well, these following points are those which are usually considered as the hair transplant disadvantages.

Hair transplant would go well for androgenic alopecia, but not all patients are eligible to take the procedure. Hair transplant isn’t suitable for progressive pattern baldness. DOctors will tend to prescribe you medication like FInasteride or Minoxidil to settle down the baldness. Hair transplant disadvantages include not stopping the baldness, it will continue to occur if you take it as the balding is still progressive, then you will need another procedure in the future. Therefore, people at their 20-30s aren’t the best candidate for hair transplant.

Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) or strip method is an invasive procedure. Even though you’ll be provided with local anesthesia and sedatives, the post-procedure would be still painful and uncomfortable. It’s due to the fact that the surgeon in FUT slit the donor area to strip the skin. After that, the surgeon will stitch the donor area. You may be prescribed with painkillers. However, a less painful method is offered by Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE which eliminate those hair transplant disadvantages for sure.

Hair Transplant isn’t a home-based procedure. It’s not like a supplement, laser combs, shampoo, or other treatments which can be taken at your home. In fact, it can only be performed by a licensed surgeon. Taking the procedure in the illegitimate clinic could lead to failure and becomes the hair transplant disadvantages for sure.

It will take some time to recover after the procedure. A person who takes the strip method may take a longer time to recover since it deals with a more invasive wound. The recovery period may last for months which may vary for each person.

To some extent, the hair transplant disadvantages could include being costly or expensive. A single procedure can cost you from $1,500 up to $15,000 depends on how many grafts needed to transplant and where you take the procedure in. Turkey becomes the best solution for affordable and quality hair transplant procedure. In fact, you only need to take one or two procedures for a lifetime.

However, if you see how hair transplant can truly restore the balding area on your head, then they wouldn’t be the hair transplant disadvantages any longer. For example, instead of purchasing ineffective supplements are a regular basis, you need only invest one or two times at hair transplant for your lifetime. The transplanted hair won’t lose their locks for the rest of your life.

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