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How Do You Know if The Right Hair Transplant Doctor does your Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant requires commitment and huge responsibility from the reliable Hair Transplant Doctor. The thing is that not all people know what it takes to check the credibility of the doctor. One of the best ways to test your hair transplant doctor credibility is by asking him or looking for information whether or not he joins with the ABHRS – American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, or ISHRS – International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. If you have no idea about them, read this article until the finish.

Hair Transplant Doctor ABHRS

ABHRS or American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery is international board certification that upholds the hair restoration surgery for physicians worldwide. So, although it carries “American” in the board certification name, it is an International-standard certificate. Every hair transplant doctor who has participated in the written and oral examinations will receive the certification that will endorse them to perform the hair restoration surgery. Folks know this as the requirement of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. So, the candidates who pass the examinations will hold the “International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery” certificate. The ABHRS exam is strict and prevalent. The surgeons who don’t have ample experiences are probably challenged to pass the exam.

Why the hair transplant doctor?

Meanwhile, the ABHRS is the recognized certification that is vouched by the ISHRS – International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. That explains why the hair transplant doctor who passes the certification will provide their name in the community.
ISHRS is a worldwide non-profit medical association and the pioneer medical authority of the hair loss treatment and restorations. Currently, it has 1,100 official members from around 70 countries worldwide. The number keeps increasing from year to year because the hair restoration and treatment has been one of the concerns of a hair transplant doctor.

ISHRS also provides the free presentations and information on hair medical treatment and surgical treatments for concerned consumers. Amongst the hair matters, the most common topics are male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss.

If you, by chance, are experiencing male pattern baldness or hair loss, you might want to consider the hair transplantation surgery. The hair restoration surgery is a sensitive topic. It is crucial to find the qualified surgeon to administer and conduct the procedure. The hair transplant doctor needs to have proper training, experience, and certification. These two keywords: ISHRS and ABHRS will help you determine whether the hair transplant doctor you are contacting is credible or not. Consider checking at their pages to find further information.

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