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Hair Transplant Donor Area

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Hair Transplant Donor Area

If you have been reading about hair transplant, chances are you also know about hair transplant donor area and the possible parts of the body that can supply the donor. But what happens if your hair transplant donor area is too weak for hair transplant? Can you achieve a good density of the hair? Can you make a donor hair from other parts of the body? We will answer sort of question in this article. So, stay tuned.

Can I Achieve Donor Hair From Other Parts of the Body?

The answer will be a big YES for getting hair transplant donor area in other parts of the body. If you don’t have enough donor supply or the head donor area won’t be sufficient enough, the alternative is to grant the donor from body hair. In the procedure, the surgeon or practitioner will take the hair transplant donor area from the various parts of the body like the legs, arms, chest, and many others. The surgeon will assess if you have enough supply of donor hair from these specific parts. The good thing is that you will have the freedom to choose some parts that you want the hair removed. You might have unwanted hair in some part of your body. You could consider focussing the donor hair from there.

For this hair transplant donor area, the surgeon will still use the FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction technique. He or she will extract the follicles from the donor site and transplant it to the recipient site, head. The impact of the donor site will heal completely in a short period. So you don’t have to worry about the implications after harvesting the hair. The other good thing to highlight is that the result will be as impressive as when you take the hair donor from the head area. You can save your money and effort by relying on Dry Hair Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey. This hair clinic has the best hair transplant donor area in the world. Not to mention that the costs are affordable.

The surgeon who has done the hair transplant donor area many times said that the hair transplant could be as good as the donor. It is true. If the donor area is weak, you might not be able to get the desired results. The best chance is to get the donor from other parts of the body. Keep in mind that not all clinics can administer the procedure. To be sure, you could stick to the best one, Drt Hair Clinic. Contact us for further information by filling out the form below.

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