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Authentic Hair Transplant Edinburgh

Formerly, there is always great news of Hair Transplant where the patients get their confidence back with a restored hair. It’s simply due to the fact that hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss by far. Hair loss patients opt real results through surgery, and usually, they get it. However, the things go differently with what happened in Glasgow, 67 km from Edinburgh.

The patients have paid in advance but they don’t get the procedure and the hair clinic has been shut down. Patient of hair transplant edinburgh is now struggling for refunds and compensation. Now, the official website of the hair clinic has announced that the business is permanently closed.

How could it be? Hair Transplant

The hair transplant edinburgh was promoted with supreme marketing strategies. The hair transplant edinburgh clinic boasts the top footballers as the “endorsement”. This marketing gimmick attracted more patients to take the procedure in a hair clinic. A very high price is fixed at £7000 to get the similar result to those sportsmen get. Then, the clinic requires a prior payment from the patients to secure the schedule. However, since the business is closed, hair transplant edinburgh patients have to delay their procedure with no certainty.

What we can learn Hair Transplant

This hair transplant edinburgh case give us things to learn about authentic hair transplant.

Best Surgeons Hair Transplant

The key is to find the best surgeon who has a good reputation, proven results, and positive feedback. Don’t get trapped with marketing gimmick or celebrity endorsement of certain hair clinics. There are many best surgeons who have performs hundreds of successful hair transplant edinburgh but they’ve never been exposed with celebrities or other public figures.

Payment Hair Transplant

Never agree on payment in advance if you can’t confirm the reputation of the surgeon or the clinic. Reputable hair transplant clinic may apply booking fee but will provide reliable services including prior consultation and accountable pricing. It should be noted that hair transplant edinburgh isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, each person needs different numbers of grafts to transplant.

Pricing Hair Transplant

£7000 for a hair transplant procedure? despite the misfortune previously mentioned, it might actually represent how much you should pay for a hair transplant endiburgh for real. Speaking of which, you need to consider taking the hair transplant in Turkey, you can save up to 80% and get the same quality of hair transplant edinburgh. For example, DrT Hair Transplant clinic which is operating in Istanbul offers a reliable hair transplant procedure as well as personalized services.

No Shave Hair Transplant hair transplant edinburgh Hair Transplant Edinburgh no shave
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service hair transplant edinburgh Hair Transplant Edinburgh turkey becomes

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