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Hair Transplant Failure

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How Can Hair Transplant Procedure Fail?

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant failure in detail and in a comprehensive way.  As the leading hair loss treatment, hair transplant isn’t free from evaluation. In fact, there are possibilities where the procedure can go wrong and fail. The leading factor of hair transplant failure is how the surgical procedure is conducted. There might be possible failures occurs harvesting the hair follicles from the donor area, transplantation process, or handling the grafts storing process. The hair transplant failure may lead to not growing transplanted hair follicles or other harmful damages. You can follow the hair transplant timeline, if you don’t experience progressive result, then it might be a failure.

That’s why certified hair loss clinic, surgeon, dermatologist, dermatopathologist, doctors should be prioritized before you take any hair transplant. Many people who experience hair transplant failure can’t agree with the way doctors try to address their problem. Some people even deal with the worst condition than before they took the procedure. Here the possible factors of hair transplant failure.

Graft Drying

As the grafts harvested from the donor are it should be aired no more than 20 seconds, or they’ll be damaged or simply dead. The risk will increase as the grafts harvested are smaller, soaked, trimmed, moved, or simply when they’re transplanted to the recipient area. Careless in handling he grafts may lead procedural failure.

Graft Storing and Placement

the life of harvested grafts majorly depending on the solution to keep themselves alive. When it’s moved to be transplanted, they shouldn’t be exposed to the air for too long. The grafts should be carefully and professionally handled to keep them alive and healthy. Otherwise, the dead follicles are the ones planted to recipient area.

No Shave Hair Transplant
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Graft Depth

The depth of transplantation is also a crucial factor. The surgeon may not plant the graft too deep or too superficial on your scalp. Both can kill the grafts and turn them into pimples folliculitis during the recovery period. Dead grafts won’t grow any new hair, which is the main hair transplant failure.

Non-Procedural Actions

Hair transplant failure can be generated any actions which are out of the procedure. It’s possible that the hair grafts are already dead when they’re planted, or simply the surgeon never planted the proper amount of hair grafts in a proper method. Thus, hair transplant failure mostly occurs in the patients who take the procedure in not certified clinics.

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